Mar 31, 2007

text messages 2051 - 2100

2051. Have you seen a fish trying to get out of the aquarium? When out, it realized it does not belong to the floor but in the water. We also try to go outside God's will thinking we'll be happier but instead we just find ourselves empty.

2052. Little things we give away, come back to us some other day. It's God's way of giving rewards to those who share with unselfish heart. God bless you always.

2053. If you look at the world, you'll be distressed. If you look within, you'll be depressed. But if you look at Christ, you'll be at rest. When your world is falling apart, trust Jesus to hold it together.

2054. God makes us brave when we are afraid, makes us strong when we are weak, but most of all, He teaches us to hold on to Him when things keep on falling.

2055. Prayer is the most powerful weapon against downfall, the most effective medicine against sickness and the most valuable gift to someone we care. God bless.

2056. Life's rules: Assume nothing. Expect little. Do more. Need less. Smile often. Dream big. Laugh a lot. Pray always. And once in a while, cry, but continue living.

2057. God said, "If you don't feel pain, how would you know I'm a healer? If you don't feel sad, how would you know I'm a comforter? Child, if life is perfect, would you still know me?"

2058. There was a man who saw a scorpion almost drowning in water. He decided to save it by stretching out his finger, but the scorpion stung him. The man still tried, but the scorpion stung him again. Another man nearby told him to stop saving the scorpion. But the man said, "It's the nature of the scorpion to sting, it's my nature to love. Why should I give up my nature to love just because it's the nature of the scorpion to sting?" Don't give up caring, don't give up loving, don't give up your goodness even when everyone around you stings.

2059. The worst regret we can have in life is not for the wrong things we did, but for the right things we could have done but we never did.

2060. In tough times, stay motivated by looking how far you have come rather than how far you have to go. Count your blessings, not what you are missing. God bless you!

2061. Hardships in life exist to test how far you can stand them. Never give up! They are the shadows which will remold you to become stronger than you used to be.

2062. A precious truth to remember: Be the reason for someone's happiness, not just a part of it. Be a part of someone's sadness, but not the reason for it.

2063. Honey bees must tap two million flowers to make one pound of honey. Remember, the sweetest rewards come from the hardest struggles.

2064. When you share your life with others, life begins to find its meaning. The time you touch the lives of others is the moment you are truly blessed.

2065. As we make our journey through life, we have so many things to savor and experience. There is no such thing as instant happiness or happiness that can be found somewhere. Live your life each day the same way you would climb a mountain. An occasional glance towards the summit keeps the goal in mind, but many beautiful scenes are to be observed from each new vantage point. Happiness is a journey, not a destination. Have a happy journey!

2066. Ponder moment: The worst thing about being lied to is knowing you weren't worth the truth.

2067. Some people never get over their past accomplishments. Even worse are the people who exaggerate what they have done. For years, I kept a sign on my desk that helped me maintain the right perspective concerning yesterday. It simply said, "Yesterday ended last night." It reminded me that no matter how badly I might have failed in the past, it's done, and today is a new day. - John Maxwell

2068. Time is like a river, you can't step on the same water twice because the flow that has passed will never pass you again. Cherish every moment of your life. Stay happy!

2069. Love is a song not only played on radio. Instead, it's a song played in a person's heart. If you're in love, sing that song and go along because you might find out someone is also singing your song.

2070. If you really love someone, you wouldn't have the heart to hurt that person no matter what it takes. You will always find a way to make her happy. That's what constitute love among people because love is absolute. You are overjoyed when you see her happy, that's true love. Seeing happiness in her eyes is enough to prove what love is.

2071. Sometimes, it's not about who I deserve , it's about who I want. Regrettably, the person I badly want turns out to be someone who just stole my heart away and left it out in the open to bleed. It's unfair and at the same time, stupid. Because I did let her do so and for a moment, I actually liked the feeling of falling and being fooled. What is sad is that after the crying, when I'm already tired, I would still let her take my heart.

2072. You can close your eyes with the things you don't want to see, but you can never close your heart with the things you don't want to feel. Sad, but true.

2073. I'm sitting down smiling, as I remember I have a good friend, you. And I hope many years from now, I would still sit down, smiling for the same reason.

2074. One cannot question the existence of feelings; they are there undeniable. But one can choose to not nurture what is felt. Yet, no matter what they say, what has been felt will always be more honest than what was chosen. True realities are not built by the mind but by the heart.

2075. They say the sweetest word is "I love you." and the hardest is "Goodbye." But what if you discovered that he doesn't really love you? Would you choose the bitterness of goodbye or choose the sweetest lie?

2076. Why do women live longer than men? Shopping never causes heart attacks, but paying the bills does.

2077. When you love someone, spare a little love for yourself. Enjoy other things around you and don't ever let your world revolve around him/her. Kailan ka pa nagkaroon ng sariling solar system? Aber?!

2078. In a normal person, the heart beats 70 times a minute, 100,800 times a day, 40 million times a year! During a single day, a ventricle pumps about 11,000 quarts or 265 million quarts a lifetime. Relevance? Ang sipag ng heart! Pero tanga naman!

2079. Always remember that every minute that you spend angry is 60 seconds wasted of happiness. So, don't frown, smile. Don't cry, laugh. And don't hate, just love. Parang andali no?

2080. Minsan, gusto kong sabihin na "Miss na kita." Kaya lang, baka sabihin mo na bola. Pero isa lang ang sasabihin ko, "Bolero nga ako, pero hindi ako sinungaling."

2081. When we say sorry to someone, it doesn't mean na may nagawa ka agad na kasalanan sa kanya. Sometimes, we say sorry just to feel someone na mahalaga sya, in a way na nagsosorry ka dahil takot ka na mawala sya.

2082. May dahilan para magmahal, dahil para mabuhay. Ngunit kung hindi mo makita yung dahilan para sumaya, pwede bang ako na lang ang maging dahilan para ngumiti ka?

2083. Kapag mahal mo raw ang isang tao sa maraming dahilan, may ilan ka ring dahilan para sya'y kalimutan. Pero kapag minahal mo nang hindi mo alam ang dahilan, tiyak hindi mo rin alam kung paano sya makakalimutan.

2084. Republic Act 143. My heart was stolen, my life was taken. I'm a victim of love and you are guilty! So you are hereby sentenced to love me forever. That's an order!

2085. Bakit ang hirap ipaubaya ang mahal mo sa iba? Kahit wala ka nang karapatan sa kanya. Siguro kasi, umaasa ka pa na babalik sya o ayaw mo syang makitang masaya sa piling ng iba?

2086. Kung may isang kulang ngayon sa buhay ko, hindi yun yaman, o kaya kaibigan, o kaya love life. Simple lang, tulog!

2087. Dear itay, Padalhan nyo po ako ng pera dahil kinain ng daga ang mga damit ko. Dear anak, Wala akong pera, kung gusto mo, padalhan na lang kita ng pusa.

2088. The worst curse you can inflict on anyone: May you have Gloria's height, may you have Ramos' fidelity, may you have Gringo's loyalty, may you have Erap's wisdom, and may you have Cory Aquino's daughter! Toink!

2089. If Cinderella's glass slippers perfectly fit, why did it fall off along the way? Maybe, that was done on purpose to attract the prince. In short, malandi sya!

2090. Never let guys hurt you. We women are the planet's pride, so when a guy hurts you, stand tall and proudly say, "Sa ganda kong ito, excuse me, get out of my way! Next please!"

2091. Pangarap kong maka-uno sa finals. "Pangarap kong tuparin ang mga pangarap mo." - Kodigo.

2092. Sabi nila, love makes your heart beat fast, your body feel flushed with excitement, and your mind go around in circles. Naisip ko, love ba yun? Parang lasing lang eh.

2093. Kapag iniwan ka ng mahal mo, huwag kang lumuha. Sa halip, magsaya ka at sabihin, simula ng iwan mo ako, "My skin is firmer, my pores are smaller, and my lines, parang nawala!"

2094. Ang tawag sa message na ito ay wrong send kaya huwag mo nang basahin kasi hindi ito para sa iyo. Hindi nga ito para sa iyo, huwag kang makulit. Bahala ka. Happy birthday! Kita mo? Birthday mo ba?!

2095. Teacher: Pedro, ano sa tagalog ang foot? Pedro: Sorry ma'am, hindi ko po alam. Teacher: Lintek na bata ka, ang kalabaw, may apat nito, ako, may dalawa nito. Pedro: Ah! Dede?!

2096. Amo: Inday, ilipat ang comforter sa kwarto. Inday: Saan ko ilalagay koya? Amo: Ipatong mo lang sa kama. After 10 minutes. Inday: Andun na po. Isinama ko na rin ang frenter at scanner.

2097. Last will. Husband: Pagkamatay ko ay ipamamana ko sa iyo 50 hectares na lupa, bahay, resort, at ang 350 milyon sa bangko. Ano pa mahihiling mo? Wife: Gusto ko, mamatay ka na. Now na!

2098. GRO: Pogi, gusto mo ng ligaya? Pogi: Only if you can do it the way my wife does. GRO: Ako pa?! How does she make you happy ba? Pogi: Syempre, walang bayad!

2099. Mister: Nabili mo ba si Junior ng toy gun? Misis: Naku, ayaw ng toy gun, manika ang ipinabili! Mister: Ha? Lumalaki yatang bakla yan ah! Misis: Bakla?! Hayun, nakapatong sa manika!!

2100. A poem for all ex: So much for love, so much for you, if you think I'm running after you, f*ck you! If you think I'm rapidly hit, bulls#!t! A martyr's life is not my role, after what you have done, a$$hole! So, if you want another lover, go ahead you mother f*cker! *Applause! Bow!*

2051-2054, 2058-2065, 2074-2080, 2093-2099: Asha (+63917898***)
2055-2056, 2072-2073: Noreen (+63919285***1)
2057, 2084: Anonymous (+63920240***0)
2066, 2070-2071, 2085-2088, 2100: Eroica
2067: Abet (+63917866***0)
2068-2069, 2081-2083: Shawie (+63921406***9)
2089-2090: Tekla
2091-2092: Deejayz

Mar 22, 2007

text messages 2001 - 2050

2001. God gave us two gifts: one is choice, the other, chance. The choice of a good life and the chance to make it the best. God bless you with a lovely day!

2002. Things don't just happen, they're planned by God's own dear hand, molded and shaped and timed by His clock. Have a worry-free day for God is in control. Good night!

2003. Today, before you think of saying any unkind word, think of someone who can't speak. Before you complain about the food you eat, think of someone who has nothing to eat. Before you complain about life, think of someone who went too early to heaven. And when you are tired and complaining about your job, think of the unemployed, the disabled and those who wished they had their job. And when depressing thoughts seem to get you down, put a smile on your face and thank God you're alive and still around. Life is a gift. Enjoy the day, it's full of God's blessings. Good morning!

2004. The most humble statement we can say is "I am nothing without God." And our most powerful statement is "With God, nothing is impossible!" Take care. Good morning!

2005. Don't be afraid to take risks and experience pain to achieve your dreams. Always remember, if you want a rainbow, you must first go through the rain.

2006. Always tell someone how you feel. Mean what you say and say what you mean. Because opportunities are lost in a blink of an eye, but regrets can last a lifetime.

2007. Because of a friend like you, I've laughed a little harder, cried a little less, smiled a bit more. Because of you, I've learned to appreciate life more, thanks for coming my way!

2008. In my life, there are many problems I face. Sometimes too hard for me to handle and sometimes, I easily give up. Do you know what keeps my heart fighting? A piece of my life called friends!

2009. Once a book of friendship was opened, it should never be closed again. A living book meant to be read and enjoyed forever. I hope our book of friendship will never be closed!

2010. There are things in this world that can never be ours just because of these simple truths: 1. They are bad for us. 2. They already belong to someone else. 3. We already lost the opportunity to claim them as our own. 4. They are just not meant to be ours. So, if you are caught up with wanting something you clearly can't have, please, remember, you may trade in all your cards for what you want, but in the end, maybe, you'll find that it's not something you really need.

2011. Don't be afraid to take chances even if it might get you hurt. Just be strong and take it because you might miss that single chance that would change your life and make you really happy.

2012. Why is the windshield bigger than the rear view mirror? Because what's ahead is more important than what's behind. God bless you always! Good morning!

2013. We heal our minds whenever we let bad memories go. We heal our souls whenever we pray and we heal our hearts whenever we forgive. God bless you!

2014. Don't wait for time, make it. Don't wait for love, feel it. Don't wait for money, earn it. Don't wait for the path, find it. Don't wait for opportunity, create it. Don't go for less, get the best. Don't compare, be unique. Don't fight your misfortune, transform it. Don't avoid failure, use it. Don't dwell on mistakes, learn from them. Don't back down, go around. Don't close your eyes, open your mind. Don't run from life, embrace it.

2015. You learn to like someone when you find out what makes them laugh, but you can never truly love someone until you find out what makes them cry.

2016. Love is always bestowed as a gift - freely, willingly and without expectation. We don't love to be loved, we love to love.

2017. Love is everything it's cracked up to be. That's why people are so cynical about it. It really is worth fighting for, risking everything for. And the trouble is, if you don't risk everything, you risk even more.

2018. It's one of the greatest ironies of human existence that the more you love someone, the more you make yourself vulnerable in the pain of losing them. And the more people you love, the more you increase your chances of getting hurt. Yes, love makes you strong. But at the same time it leaves you defenseless.

2019. I was never one to patiently pick up broken fragments and glue them together again and tell myself that the mended whole was as good as new. What is broken is broken, and I'd rather remember it as it was at its best than mend it and see the broken places as long as I lived.

2020. What is the difference between love and a pack of cigarettes? Both of them can make you sick but at least, the cigarettes come with a warning.

2021. It's not wrong to give it all when you love. It's not wrong to love a person so much. Because sometimes, the only wrong thing is the person you love.

2022. The most interesting thing about heart transplants is that one completely loses his own heart and be replaced with someone else's yet still has the feelings for the same person he/she loves. This proves that love works in the minds of people and not in their hearts. Bottomline is, love is a state of mind. You'll learn how to forget only if you try doing so. - Dr. Burke, Grey's Anatomy.

2023. There are things in life that you can't hold on forever, no matter how much you fight for it. Sometimes, destiny isn't always good, it becomes playful. When you met someone you learned to love, you thought that it was destiny who made your path cross. But what if making your paths cross is just a part of the game that the playful destiny create? Making you realize in the end that the person you thought that was destined for you wasn't really meant to stay, but only destined to make you feel loved and leave you when you've already fallen.

2024. When a guy loves you, he'll bring out your natural best. When a guy loves you, he'll be proud even at your worst. When a guy loves you, he'll say that you're pretty even at your ugliest. When a guy loves you, he'll never leave you especially at your weakest. When a guy loves you, he'll never get even tired of caressing you. When a guy loves you, he'll come back to you after you reject him. Because no matter how cruel the situation would be, if a guy really loves you, he'll make a way even how hard it could be.

2025. Some say, "It's not love if you have doubts." I say, "Sometimes, we just refuse to believe." They say, "You can't love somebody you haven't met." I say, "I haven't met God but I love Him."

2026. Love always has its "errors." Sometimes, we try to "refresh", then realize that it's best to "shutdown." But the hardest part is to "restart" your life and "reformat" your heart!

2027. Sometimes, you have to try not to care no matter how much you do. Because sometimes, you can mean nothing to someone who means everything to you.

2028. If we fall in love because someone makes us laugh, what happens when we no longer find them funny? If we fall in love because someone is beautiful, what happens when that beauty fades? If we fall in love because someone can provide for us, what happens when they lose their wealth? Because love defies all reasons, when you truly love someone, you just can't find a reason, you just do.

2029. Dolphins never separate from their mate when they find each other. Lovebirds die when their better half is dead. Us human? We can never tell if our partner is the right one for us. If things do not work out, we always have a choice, and that is to search for love all over again. Lucky are those who find love and contentment much as the dolphins and the lovebirds do.

2030. When it comes to love, it's hard to know if you have the right one. Many promises have been made, but still, lovers weep, and left in sorrow. Why? Because words can't immortalize emotions.

2031. Remember this: You can love two people at the same time. But never at the same degree.

2032. A philosopher said that hate is not the opposite of love. Hating your ex doesn't mean you don't love him/her anymore. The fact that you are giving him/her such intense emotions means he/she has an effect on you and he/she is still worth your attention. Apathy is the opposite love. You can only say you've fallen out of love when you no longer care what he/she says or does. So how can you stop love? Unfortunately, you can't. Love dies on its own. You'd just wake up one day and realize you're over him/her. Don't suppress and it will come naturally.

2033. Being happy with the person you love is the great climax of life. Do you know what climax means? It's the best feeling and yet it's the shortest.

2034. The leaves of trees just keep falling. Lesson? You can't always keep someone to yourself forever. Sometimes, you have to let go. Yet, you have to remain standing, like trees do.

2035. Tinkerbell speaks: They say that when you leave Neverland, you'd grow up and you'd meet different people who'd try and make you believe. Sometimes, you'd choose the prince. He'd take you to his castle, dance with you, but would allow you to leave when the clock strikes 12. Sometimes, you'd meet Spiderman, he'd give you the sweetest kiss and vanishes for all time. Sometimes, you'd find your Peter Pan, a guy who'd take care of you, and fly with you against the winds but then you'd notice that his heart still belongs to Wendy. So, I'll be like Princess Fiona. I'll find my Shrek, not perfect, but real and stays forever.

2036. Trying to forget someone you love is like trying to remember someone you never knew.

2037. One of the biggest form of flattery is knowing that just by being your normal, wonderful self, you make some bitches extremely insecure. =)

2038. Many complain of their looks, but none of their brains! - Yiddish proverb. Oo nga naman!

2039. Why is it so hard for women to find men who are sensitive, caring and good-looking? Because most of these men already have their own boyfriends! Bongga!

2040. A dancer is dancing. Public clapping. She removes top. More claps. Removes bra. Louder claps. Removes panty. Silence. Moral of the story: You can't clap with one hand. =)

2041. Doctor: For your health, take only a cup of rice, lean meat and vegetables. Fruits for dessert and lots of juice. Fat guy: Doctor, shall I take them before or after meals? =)

2042. Marie: I've got to get birth control pills. I can't afford to get pregnant! Susan: I thought your husband had a vasectomy. Marie: That's why I must not get pregnant!

2043. A girl started to look at her pussy, then she could no longer control herself and started touching it. At one point, she went mad and rubbed it so violently, that the pussy said, "Meow!" and ran away!

2044. Osama Bin Laden's son was studying in an American school. Teacher asked him, "I have 4 apples, how can I divide it among 5 children?" He answered, "Kill one child."

2045. What all married men should learn from James Yap: 1. It's safer to bed many women than only one many times. 2. Never give your real name. 3. When partly caught, never partly admit, totally deny it. Say it was part of the "Honey Cucumber" scrub and yo fell asleep midway. 4. When you're young and horny, don't get married yet. 5. Best to be an unknown second rate basketball player if you like dribbling outside the court. If all else fails, there is always Hope!

2046. Man1: Anong pulutan nyo kahapon sa birthday mo? Man2: Pata! Man1: Wow! Anong klaseng pata? Man2: Pata-galan ng kwento! Walang pera eh. =)

2047. Misis: Bakit ba tuwing kumakanta ako, lumalabas ka ng bahay? Hindi mo ba gusto ang boses ko? Mister: Hindi naman. Gusto ko lang malaman ng mga kapitbahay na hindi kita sinasaktan! =)

2048. Groom: Bakit ka malungkot? Hindi ka ba masaya na pinakasalan kita maski GRO ka? Bride: Iniisip ko kasi tuwing magtatalik tayo, hindi mo na ako babayaran. Sayang din kasi! =)

2049. Teacher: Bakit wala si Mary sa Last Supper? Erap (scratching head): Siya ang nagKodak!?!

2050. Man1: Pare, bakit ba ang mga doktor, may takip sa mukha kapag nag-oopera? Man2: Pare, kaya sila nakatakip, para kapag namatay ang pasyente, hindi sila makikilala! :)


2001-2003, 2011-2021, 2039-2045, 2047-2050: Asha (+63917898***7)
2004-2009, 2025-2026: Shawie (+63921406***9)
2010, 2027-2038: Eroica
2022-2024: Joy (+63910727***1)
2046: Abet (+63917866***0)

Mar 14, 2007

text messages 1951 - 2000

1951. The good thing that you desire will become the best thing when you allow God to give it to you in His time. "He has made everything in His time." Ecc. 3:11. Good morning!

1952. The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow. Do good anyway. If you are successful, you will win some false friends and some true enemies, succeed anyway. If you are kind, people may accuse you of being selfish and having ulterior motives, be kind anyway. What you spend years building, someone may destroy overnight, build anyway. If you are honest and frank, people may cheat you, be honest and frank anyway. Give the world the best you have, it may never be enough, give the world the best you have anyway. If you find serenity and happiness, they may be jealous, be happy anyway. You see, in the final analysis, it's between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway. Good morning!

1953. 'God bless you' is such a little prayer but it means so much. It means may the Lord with His gracious hands give you more than you have prayed for. Good morning!

1954. A sweeter smile, a brighter day, hope everything turns out great for you today and always. Have a nice day and God bless!

1955. Even if time slips away without a text from me, you don't have to worry about our friendship because beyond words, I'll always be around you.

1956. We are living our own lives, having our own set of friends that we hang out with and talk to, but anytime you feel like needing someone crazy but real, I'm just around.

1957. Without a clue, I found you. Without a clue, we became friends. So when you feel there's nobody by your side and everybody leaves you behind, you'll see without a clue, I'm standing next to you.

1958. What is genuine friendship? When you call them by a stupid name and never by their own name. When they always get angry whenever you tell them that you are busy and can't reply. When they tell everything about themselves even if it's embarassing. When they come to see you whenever they get a chance. When you argue with each other on stupid things and then end up laughing!

1959. We are in a journey. We never know what road shall we take. We might part ways, have different lives and new friends, but please, if you lose your way, just go back to where you meet me. Good morning!

1960. According to Mike Murdock's The Law of Recognition: Everything you need is already in your life, merely awaiting your recognition of it. Anything unrecognized remains uncelebrated by you. Anything you refuse to celebrate eventually exits in your life. A gift, a miracle, or a person.

1961. If I could sum up all the causes of hurt, pain and hatred in one word, it's just expectation!

1962. Quote of the day: The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. - Gandhi.

1963. The art of being happy lies in the power of finding happiness in ordinary things. Life does not force us to be the best, it only asks that we try. Good evening!

1964. Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.

1965. Uncertainty is inevitable, but worrying is optional. Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional. Good people go through trials, but don't suffer. With that experience, their life becomes better, not bitter. Good morning!

1966. Do not look back and grieve over the past, for it is gone; and don't be troubled about the future, for it has not yet come. Live in the present and make it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering.

1967. Six pieces of advice from Iman Ghazali: Closest to us is not family but death. Furtherest from us is not the moon or stars, but time passed. Biggest is not the mountain or sun, but our lust/desire. Heaviest weight is not the elephant or iron, but responsibility. Lightest is neither wind or feathers, but not praying or delaying it. Sharpest is neither knife nor sword, but our tongue. Think about these words of wisdom.

1968. Sometimes, we need to forget about the people from our past, because there must have been a good reason why they didn't make it to our future.

1969. What is the secret of happiness? I found the answer in my home. The wall says be strong. The ceiling says aim high. The door says be open. The window says learn to give and take. The clock says time is gold. The calendar says love everyday as if it is the last day. The cabinet says keep things in order. The bed says take time to relax. The lamps says be the light. And God, who is found everywhere in my house says "Keep the faith because I'm with you always."

1970. In life, we always search for answers because we want to prove ourselves that we had the right decisions but the truth is we can't search for what is not there. Things happen because it is meant to happen. That's why we forgive people even if they hurt us, we love people who don't love us and we smile despite every painful crash in our hearts. At the end of the day, the lesson you get are the answers to your decisions Good morning!

1971. It's hard to say hello because there might be goodbye. It's hard to say I'm ok because sometimes, I'm not. But it is easy to say "Good morning!" because there is always tomorrow. Good morning!

1972. When you think of your past love, you may view it as a failure. But when you find a new love, you view the past as a teacher. In the game of love, it doesn't really matter who won or who lost. What's important is you know when to hold on, when to let go, and sometimes when to give up. You know you really love someone when you want that person to be happy even if his happiness means you're not part of it. Everything happens for the best. Love is a lifetime venture in which we are always learning, discovering and growing.

1973. It's easy to fall for someone. How? You look at the person. Stop. Smile. Then tell yourself this: I may find a thousand others who laugh the same way, smile the same way and even talk the same way. But I'l never find someone who makes every heart beat worth every thump, rush and every release. If you have someone who makes you feel that way, go ahead, fall.

1974. Trouble is part of your life. If you don't share it, you don't give the person who loves you a chance to love you enough.

1975. Something to ponder: It is wrong to think that love comes from long companionship and persevering courtship. Love is the offspring of spiritual affinity and unless that affinity is created in a moment, it will not be created for years or even generations.

1976. Friendship should not be like breasts because it sucks. Not like v*gina, because it gets f*cked. It should be like p*nis because it stands whenever needed. =)

1977. Mom and girl are watching a movie. Suddenly, there's a love scene. Girl: Mom, what are they doing? Mom: Oh, they're baking. Girl: Ok. Then in the morning. Girl: Mom, I know you and dad are baking last night! Mom: How did you know? Girl: I tasted the frosting on the couch! Eeeoowww!

1978. What is the difference between a girlfriend, a call girl, a wife and a maid? Quite simply, post paid, pre paid, unlimited and pasaload!

1979. You are attractive, gorgeous, sexy, intelligent, smart, charming, sophisticated, kind and generous. In fact, you are becoming more like me everyday!

1980. Lady complaining to a dentist. Lady: It's so painful, I'd rather have a baby than have a tooth extracted. Dentist: Decide now, so I can adjust the chair accordingly!

1981. Cow story. USA has cowboy. England has mad cow. China has macow. Russia has Moscow. And the Philippine government tops them all, it has all kinds of magnanacow!

1982. Four stages in life. 1. You believe in Santa Claus. 2. You don't believe in Santa Claus. 3. You are Santa Claus. 4. You look like Santa Claus!

1983. Wife: Do you have any idea what would happen to you if I die? Husband: I might also die. Wife: (blushes) Why? Husband: Sometimes, too much happiness causes death! =)

1984. If ever you have any problem, come to me, I'll help you. If you don't have any problem, come to me anyway. I'll create some for you!

1985. You tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is never try! - Homer Simpson.

1986. A bride at her second wedding does not wear a veil. She wants to see what she's getting. Bwahahaha!

1987. I recently read that love is entirely a matter of chemistry. That must be the reason why my wife treats me like toxic waste!

1988. Buddhist monk buys hotdog in New York and gives a $100 bill. Monk: Where's my change? Vendor: Change must come from within.

1989. Do not do unto others if you don't want others do unto you. Tagalog version: Huwag kayong ganyan, kung magganyan kayo, huwag ganun! Oo nga naman! Hahaha!

1990. Isang araw. Babae: Mahal, anong tawag sa isang asawa na sexy, maganda, hindi selosa, mapagmahal, masipag, mapagkalinga, magaling at masarap magluto? Lalaki: Guni-guni. =)

1991. Kapag iniwan ka ng mahal mo at ipinagpalit ka sa iba, sabihin mo, "Mas cute pa ipinalit mo sa akin? Aba! Dapat lang, kasi, kung pangit yan, baka sumabog kayo!!!"

1992. May sagot ako sa isa sa mga tanong mo sa buhay. Maaaring hindi ito mahalaga pero makakagaan ito sa kalooban mo. Alam mo ba na 54 ang butas ng Skyflakes? =)

1993. Bisaya teacher: Class, I want you to watch Sex Scenes! Class: What?! Teacher: What's wrong? It's beatipul pilm starring Bruce Welles. Class: Ahh! Sixth Sense!

1994. Man: Bago po ako umawit ay pwede ko po bang ihandog ko ang aking awitin sa aking biyenan? Emcee: Ok. Ihandog mo na. Man: Ang awitin ko pong ito ay buong puso kong inihahandog sa aking mahal na biyenan. Emcee: Eh ano naman ang kakantahin mo? Man: Devil Woman.

1995. Teacher: Juan, use euthanasia in a sentence. Juan: Yes, ma'am. Ahh, The girl is no longer a virgin because na iyotan na sya.

1996. Each of us are like butterflies with one wing. The only way we can fly is to hold each other and share wings. So, if you have no wings at all, it means, baka higad ka pre!

1997. Jun: Sir, si Mike, buong araw na walang ginawa. Boss: Talaga? Paano mo nalaman? Jun: Sir, maghapon ko syang pinagmasdan!

1998. Piglet sat beside Pooh and whispered: Pooh? Pooh: Yes, Piglet. Piglet: Nothing! Piglet took Pooh's hand and added: Mas mataba ka pa sa akin, ikaw dapat ang Piglet! Toink!

1999. May bagong produkto ang Eng Bee Tin Hopia factory. Ang produkto: "Hope-Yap" Specially produced ito at mabibili sa lahat ng Vicky Belo Clinics!

2000. Sexy chick: Pangarap kong magkaanak. Pichay: Pangarap kong tuparin ang mga pangarap mo. Hehehe. Itanim ang kay Pichay!

1951, 1971: Irish
1952, 1967-1968: Eroica
1953-1956, 1960-1966, 1972-1987, 1991-1999: Asha (+63917898***7)
1957-1958: Shawie (+63921406***9)
1959: Joy (+63910727***1)
1969-1970, 1988-1990, 2000: Abet (+63917866***0)

Mar 8, 2007

text messages 1901 - 1950

1901. Life is like music. It has high notes and low notes. No matter how high or low your notes may be, keep in tune with God and you'll never go out of tune in the music of life. Good morning!

1902. The best way to bring focus into your life is to never place a question mark where God has put a period. Good day! God bless.

1903. Let the blessings of God flow in your life like springs of living water of rivers that never run dry. God cares for you today, tomorrow and for always. Good morning!

1904. As you go through this day, praise God for the gift of life and the magic of love that binds family and friends who nourish our hearts and bring us real joy. Good morning!

1905. Begin your day with a short prayer. "Lord, walk with me today, I have no idea what lies before me. Be my strength to make the most of in and use it to Your glory." Good morning!

1906. Here is the weather forecast today: There shall be shower of blessings all over you and a heavy downpour of God's love all around you. Have a great day ahead!

1907. If you walk 1000 miles away from God, you will only need one step backward to get to Him because He always follows you wherever you go and loves you whatever you do.

1908. All the village people decided to pray for the rain to come. On the day of prayer, only 1 boy came with an umbrella. That's faith.

1909. Life never seems to be the way we want it, but we should live it the best way we can. There's no perfect life, but we can fill it with perfect moments.

1910. Smile at insults, laugh away anger and your soul will forever be at peace. Remember the line on Princess Diaries? No one can ever hurt you without your consent. Good morning!

1911. After a while, you just can't cry anymore. You just have to believe that what happens is what supposed to happen, and well, you can't change that, even if you tried. So just dry the tears and hope tomorrow will be a better day.

1912. It doesn't matter if the song of life that you sing is simple or complicated. All that matters is how much you put into that song. Your life is controlled only by what you give to it. You won't get anything from it if you don't put feeling into life. That's why people fall in love. If they give that feeling, they get it back. Put all you've got into this life, and when the day comes for you to pass on, you won't regret what you did.

1913. In life, you are given certain chances, you have to make certain choices. A choice that may change your life. If given a chance, would you rather be wrong but happy? Or right but sad?

1914. Accept that some days you are the pigeon, and on some days you are the statue.

1915. On the keyboard of life, always keep one finger on the escape key.

1916. Needing someone is like a parachute, if he isn't there the first time you need him, chances are you won't be needing him again.

1917. Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level then beat you with experience!

1918. You won't fully enjoy a swing unless you raise your feet from the ground. You won't fully enjoy a boat ride unless you remove the rope's knot from the river bank. Your dog won't fully enjoy his/her dog's life unless you remove the chain on his/her neck. Lesson: Never ever limit yourself when it comes to happiness. Learn how to let go and move on. Life is beautiful.

1919. Chicken Soup for today: Emotional stress greatly affects our lives. It's always lethargic and everyone's vulnerable. Always have your emotions in constant check. Reconcile misunderstandings and clear ugly thoughts. Free your mind from cluttered emotions. Never leave space for doubtful feelings. A light heart is more efficient in work, love and to other things.

1920. Other people's opinion of you does not have to become your reality. Those who follow the crowd usually get lost in it. I don't know the key to success, but one key to failure is to please everyone. So why waste your time thinking about what others will tell you? Instead, do what makes you and God happy. Good morning!

1921. Everyday, find out who you are, and be that. Decide what comes first, and do that. Discover your strengths, and use them. Learn not to compete with others, because no one else is in the contest of being you. You are fearfully and wonderfully made and there's only one you in the world.

1922. It was fun chasing an illusiOn, it gave me reason to be happy, even if it wasn't real, but any chase surely has to end. I'm just disappointed 'cOz when it did end.. I was left with nothing bUt a memory of something that never existed.

1923. Love is like the rain. It gently pours but sometimes it's raging fast. BUt why is the rain so special? Because like love, you can feel it. But you can't stOp it.

1924. It is hard to love someone who can never be yours. Time would give you chances to talk, chances to be together, chances to share. See how it hurts? You only have chances. Just chances!

1925. Do not think that love in order to be genuine has to be extraordinary. What we need is to love without getting tired.


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1926. Isa ka sa mga taong malapit sa puso ko. Pero tulad nila, bihira ka lang makaalala. Pero di ako nalulungkot, kasi, hindi ka man magparamdam, alam kong nandyan ka lang, nangungulangot!

1927. If heaven had a place to display its most wonderful creatures, malamang, sa pintuan pa lang, nakadisplay na ang portrait mo. Pero syempre, katabi ng rebulto ko!

1928. Friends tayo kaya kung may problema ka, sasamahan kita. Magprosisyon ka, sasamahan kita. Magnovena ka, sasamahan kita. Magdasal ka, sasamahan kita. Magpapako ka sa krus, pipicturan kita!

1929. Mahirap magpretend na happy if sad ka. Hirap magpretend na kaya mo, if nasasaktan ka. Pero kung tayo, magpretend na ugly, grabe, mas mahirap! Walang maniniwala, kalungkot no?

1930. PANGIT mo! P-erfect, A-ttractive, N-ice, G-orgeous, I-ntelligent, T-ulad ko! Naks! Nakangiti na sya pero nung una, nakasimangot sya! Hehehe.

1931. Barkada, on game sa inuman. Always present sa katarantaduhan, ready to fight sa awayan! Kaya sira man ang ulo nating lahat, mga tol! Til death do us part, walang iwanan ha!

1932. Real classmates never leave each other, never part, they just sit silently, deep with each other's heart saying, "May quiz, lakihan mo ang sulat mo ha. Times New Roman, 64"

1933. An ideal guy doesn't have bad vices, doesn't engage in one night stand, doesn't make promises he can't keep, doesn't flirt and lie. In short, he doesn't exist. Walang ganon, asa ka pa!

1934. Ang relationship ay parang spaghetting kinakain natin, at ang cheese ay ang sex. Na kahit wala ito, pwede mo pa rin syang kainin, lalo na kung love na love mo ito. Ang cheese, bonus na lang yun. Eventually, kapag nanamnam mo ang sauce ng relationship, you'll realize na ang cheese is quite important lang at hindi very, just like sex, kasi, kung cheese lang ang gusto mong matikman sa spaghetti, sana, lumamon ka na lang ng isang keso de bola. It makes sense, di ba?

1935. We are all driving in a world called life. In every turn, don't forget to stop because, baka may gwapo/maganda! Sayang boy/girl! Pacute muna tayo!

1936. Buhay natin? Maiksi lang! Hindi mo alam kung anong dapat mong gawin bago ka mawala, kaya bago mahuli ang lahat, sasabihin ko na sa iyo. Pinasaya mo ang buhay ko, kahit medyo ginulo mo! :)

1937. Guro: Ikaw Juan, saan makikita ang Mayon Volcano? Juan: Aba! Malay ko sir! Kayo itong burara, kung saan-saan nyo nilalagay tapos kapag di nyo makita, sa akin nyo hahanapin! Umayos ka sir!

1938. Sweet dreams, but not too sweet, baka langgamin ka! Sleep tight, but not so tight, baka di ka makahinga! Good night, but not too good, baka tanghaliin ka ng gising! Hehehe.

1939. Kumusta na? Ask ko lang, meron ka bang alam na pampalaglag? Please textback ASAP. Kinakabahan kasi ako. Baka kasi buntis si muning! Dadami na naman ang pusa namin!

1940. Tatay: Isa sa mga anak natin ang kumuha ng pera sa wallet ko! Nanay: Sobra ka, bakit mo pinagbibintangan ang mga bata? Malay mo, ako ang kumuha! Tatay: Sure akong hindi ikaw, may natira eh!

1941. Not everyone may understand the real me, some may hate me, while others may love the way I am. For all of that, ito lang ang masasabi ko: Salamat sa mahal ako at paki ko sa hindi ako gusto!

1942. Mga gatas ng babae: Dalagita - fresh. Dalaga - pasteurized. Bagong kasal - skimmed. Tagal nang kasal - yogurt. Matandang dalaga - taho. Lola - tokwa!

1943. Man: Ale, magkano ho yang sa inyo? Prosti: Dalawang libo lang. Man: Ano? Ang mahal naman nya, eh ang tanda nyo na! Prosti: Gago ka pala eh! Kelan pa naging mura ang antique?!

1944. Idelete mo dyan ang number ko! Traidor ka pala! Hehehe, practice lang. Sige, try mong idelete, aahitin ko ang kilay mo. Hehehe. Forward mo sa iba, para magulat din sila.

1945. Sexy: Those are all my sins father. I hope God will forgive me. Priest: He does, my child. Pero ikwento mo nga ulit yung tungkol sa blow job at 69! Dali!

1946. Kung kasalanan mang maging maganda/gwapo, sunog na ang kaluluwa ko sa impyerno!

1947. Noon, ang tawag sa taong walang hiya, Makapal! Tapos, naging Garapal! Ngayon, iba na ang tawag! Macapagal!

1948. Geben dis chans to, u noh! Ah.. deleber dis, ah.. prebeleds ispits, onang ona, u noh! to be hir and ah! da problem is u noh, it's ok naman. i, i.. ano, I pil gud todey, pers of ol, I sikan di mowsyon! I don't noh hu is terd. tenk yo! dats ol, mester espeker! - Congressman Manny Pacquiao.

1949. In a relationship, you should be honest. If you can't be honest, just be careful! :) - James Yap.

1950. Tuwang tuwa si Congressman Pichay sa survey ng MalacaƱang kasi no. 4 na siya! Ito ang top 3: 1. Talong. 2. Kalabasa. 3. Sitaw. Pichay! Iulam sa Senado =)

1901-1906, 1911-1917, 1925-1929, 1939-1949: Asha(+63917898***7)
1907, 1921: Arnel
1908-1910, 1932: Joy (+63910727***1)
1918-1919, 1934: Erica
1920, 1938: Shawie (+63921406***9)
1922-1923: Anatole Vallejos (via email)
1924, 1933: Starfish
1930, 1937 : Tekla
1931: 2Phe (+63910863***8)
1935-1936: Irish
1950. Abet (+63917866***0)