Jul 24, 2007

text messages 2681 - 2700

2681. Lord, enlighten what is dark in me; strengthen what is weak in me; mend what is broken in me; bind what is bruised in me; heal what is sick in me; straighten what is crooked in me and revive whatever peace and love have died in me. Most of all, teach me to practice humility at all times.

2682. There is no such thing as an extraordinary person. There are only ordinary people continuing on where others give up. The moment one passes the "give up point", everything looks extraordinary!

2683. Always tell someone how you feel. Mean what you say and say what you mean even when it's hard because opportunities are lost in a blink of an eye but regrets can last a lifetime. Good morning!

2684. Life give us lots of things to learn. Things we should keep and we should let go. Things to forget and sometimes regret. We get hurt and cry, but why should you cry? When I'm still here to remind you how to smile. Take care!

2685. We can't own time to have long talks. We don't have nice chances for more laughs. But eventhough our worlds don't meet, I'll always be your good friend to keep.

2686. Things between us might change years from now. They may not be too surprising. But just keep in your mind that I've been a friend to you once. So, till the end, I'll always be.

2687. One day, we'll wake up falling in love with a wrong person in a wrong time and place. But one day, we'll realize that it's not the person, time and place that is wrong but our expectation for a perfect love story.

2688. Have you tried saying you're ok but you're not? Pretending to understand but you don't? Acting like you're busy but in reality, you're lonely? Convincing people that you just wanna be friends but what you really want is more than friends? When you know that he/she has somebody else, but you pretend that it doesn't hurt but it really hurts so bad inside? When you say you've moved on, but the truth is you're just still waiting? When you say you're over her, but you know you still love her? When you say you can't relate with this message, but then you really do? :)

2689. What if a bird fell in love with a fish? Where would they live? Who keeps the fins and who loses the wings? It's an irony but that's how cruel yet poetic love can be.

2690. I did try hiding my true feelings, accepting what you really want me. I thought it will be easy. For you, I'll just try harder to accept and face the reality that you will learn and appreciate my love. It will only happen in my dreams but if that time comes, I hope not to be awaken. I rather sleep a lifetime just to prove how much I love you.

2691. I'm letting you go even if I love the idea of being with you! Because love doesn't trap you in an unhappy life! - Kaiserin.

2692. A great man once said, "Be a lotus." Which means, no matter how ugly, how evil, and how sinful everyone around you might become, do not allow yourself to be stained. A lotus remains beautiful even as it lingers in the filthy waters of the pond. Don't be contaminated, do not be influenced by worthless means, remain radiant among the shadows of darkness. Be a lotus. It has to start with one, to fill the pond with more. Good night!

2693. God gave us two gifts: One is choice and the other is chance. The choice of a good life and the chance to make it the best. Good morning!

2694. Beautiful lives don't just happen. They are made every single day, with much love, prayer and sacrifice. The many task we face each day can burden and oppress; but spending time with God each day can bring relief from stress. Let us be reminded that, in the end, only three things matter: How fully you lived, how deeply you loved and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you. God bless.

2695. Many times in our lives, we are dropped, crumpled and crushed into the dirt by the decisions we make and the circumstances that come our way. We feel as though we are worthless. But no matter what happened or what will happen, you will never lose your value. Dirty or clean, crumpled or finely creased, you're still priceless to those who love you. The worth of our lives comes not in what we do or who we know nor in what we have, but by who we are. You're special. Don't ever forget that.

2696. Falling down doesn't make a person a failure. But staying down does. Always remember that no one is perfect and when you fall so hard, just bounce back higher.

2697. Live fully. Have fun. Be crazy, be weird, go out and screw up. Don't try to be perfect. Just be an excellent example of being human. Enjoy life.

2698. Beatitudes for my textmates: Blessed are you who send a smile, a hug, a laugh, a thought to inspire and lift me out of my blue moods. Blessed are you who's texts God speak to me. Blessed are you who let me know I'm not alone. Thank you for being part of my life.

2699. Getting into a relationship is not a contest of who is almost always right. It is becoming like what the Japanese call as wise bamboo, meaning, you bend so you don't break.

2700. Every guy thinks catching the girl he loves is an amazing accomplishment. Actually, catching the girl is the easy part. Keeping her is the real accomplishment. Good evening!

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Jul 15, 2007

text messages 2641 - 2680

2641. Happiness is a very subjective factor in one's life. Being happy doesn't depend on achieving what you want, but rather making the best out of what is given. Life isn't fair, it never was. The only thing that can make you completely happy is contentment. Be contented with what you have, but be sure to aim high and never stop believing you can do better everytime. Then again, if all else fails, don't forget that an ordinary you has an extraordinary God to back you up.

2642. The power of prayer will never leave you, even in the darkest of times. It is the greatest weapon known to human kind , the freedom no one can take away.

2643. A sailor was stuck in an island where he was the only survivor. He made a hut for his shelter. Day and night, he's praying and waiting for someone to rescue him but no one came. He stored food in the hut for his survival, but one day, the hut burned to ashes and nothing was left of it. He was so angry, he said, "God, why have you done this to me?!" The next morning, rescuers came. He asked, "How did you know that I'm here?" They replied, "We saw a smoke signal." Trust him when misfortune happens. His plans are always greater than yours.

2644. Behind every circumstance is God's purpose. At times, what we consider a trial is simply the hand of God rearranging our lives to be more fruitful. God bless you!

2645. Sometimes, God closes the door and locks the windows. During those times, it's nice to think that maybe, there's a storm outside and He wants you safe with Him. Good morning!

2646. Trials... it's like a washing machine. Twist us, spin us and knock us around but in the end, we come out cleaner, brighter and better than before. Have faith on Him! Good morning. Have a nice day!

2647. The sweetest day comes not with the greetings we make each day but with the thought that somebody wishes the best for us every moment of the day. And today, I wish you the best!

2648. Coffee has evolved all these years with cream, iced coffee, coffee with chocolate chip cookies. But no matter how people try to innovate coffee varieties, it still doesn't lose its distinct aroma. Just like us. No matter how we clothe ourselves with different personalities, still our character remains. People may destroy your image, stain your personality but they can't take away your character. Live. Exist. Let your character diffuse its distinct aroma. ;)

2649. Character is made by what you stand for; reputation by what you fall for. - Robert Quillen.

2650. He who blames others has a long way to go in his journey. He who blames himself is halfway there. He who blames no one has arrived. A Chinese proverb.

2651. Good people are like sunlight, filtering into the quiet corners of one's heart, offering bright mornings and fresh hope yet demanding nothing in return. May you be the sunlight that refresh everyone whose life you touch today. Have a stress-free day. Good morning!

2652. Don't try to figure out where you'll find true happiness. Just try to make others happy, and happiness will find you. Have a good day!

2653. A blind man had a board saying, "Help me, I'm blind." Only few gave. But there was this man who was always giving. One day, when that man passed, he took the board and changed the sign in it. Now, the blind man noticed a lot was giving, so when that man passed, the blind man asked, "Excuse me sir, but what did you put in my board?" The man smiled and said, "Such a beautiful day, too bad I can't see it." A positive outlook in life will make a difference.

2654. Don't spoil what you have by desiring what you don't have. Rather, remember that what you have now was once among the things you used to hope for.

2655. If we'd only love those who love us, what's the reward in that? The golden rule says, "Do unto others what you want to be done unto you."But it doesn't say people who don't treat you well are an exception. Karma can be a bitch, but it rewards well if much deserved.

2656. The only true painful goodbyes are the ones that are never said and never explained.

2657. If you're having a really hard time in a relationship, you still can turn that relationship around. Take a piece of paper, sit down and write all the things that you appreciate about that person. Think about all the reasons that you love them. Do you appreciate their sense of humor? How supportive they are? When you focus on appreciating and acknowledging their strengths, you will get more of it and the problems will fade away. - The Secret.

2658. If all the science in the world could explain everything, could Physics explain why we fall in love with someone without being affected by gravity? And why can't Logic help us to make things right when we are in love? Would Chemistry give us the chemical elements of love and its formula? Or could Anatomy and Physiology locate the scars in our heart?

2659. It's quite ironic that in life, the person that brings out the best in you and the one that makes you strong, is actually your weakness.

2660. Memories play a very confusing role. They make you laugh when you remember the time you cried together, but sometimes make you cry when you remember the time you last laugh together.

2661. Chinese: My leaders are like Great Wall Of China, old but still as strong as the brick in the wall. Singaporean: My leaders are like the many high rise buildings in Singapore, they bring our nation to greatest heights. Filipino: My leaders are like Taal Volcano, they've been around for a long time, doing nothing.

2662. Sometimes my mind asks, Why I miss you? Why I care for you? Why I remember you? Why I text you? Then my heart answered. Mental patient needs more care. =)

2663. Lady employee to handsome boss: All the female workers are suing you for sexual harrassment, but since you have not done anything to me, I am suing you for discrimination!

2664. It is better to tell the truth and make someone cry than to tell a lie and make someone smile, so, don't be shy to tell the truth that I am cute. I will not cry, promise!

2665. Naalala ko nung nasa school ako, may nagtanong, "Excuse me, favorite mo ba ang Geometry? Kasi, kahit anong angle, cute ka!" Asar! (^_~)

2666. In a gay beauty contest, question and answer portion. Juror: Here's your question, bukod sa mukha mo, ano pang problema mong halimaw ka? :)

2667. Minsan, tinanong ko sa sarili ko, bakit nakilala kita? Bakit nakasundo kita? Bakit naging kaibigan kita? Ngayon, alam ko na ang sagot, simple lang pala! Kasi, mabait ako!

2668. @>-;-- Fresh flower for you! Galing banyo. Este! Galing Baguio. Kaya amoy panty. Este! amoy pine tree! Hehehe!

2669. There was an accident that had just happened in the street. A woman approached the victims and tried to help them, but suddenly a nursing student came in and said, "Miss, excuse me, please step back. I've had a course in first aid and I'm trained in CPR!" The woman stepped aside, and watched the procedures for a few moments, then tapped the student on the shoulder and said, "When you are through, if ever you'll need a doctor, nandito lang ako." Wahaha! Umepal pa kasi!

2670. Sa presinto. Man: Sir, irereport ko po sana na laging may tumatawag, sumusulat at nananakot sa akin. Pulis: Aba, grave threat yan. Sino ba? Man: Citibank at HSBC po!

2671. Pucha! Kaaway ng Acho! Chet! :)

2672. Makulay! (makulay) Ang buhay! (ang buhay) Makulay ang buhay sa kabilang buhay!!!

2673. Pedro: May ka-eyeball ako mamaya, ano kaya ang itsura nya? Kasi, sabi nya, may kamukha syang celebrity, "Sh" ang simula ng name. Juan: Jackpot ka, Pedro! Baka Sharon or Sheryl yan! Matapos ang eyeball, umuwi si Pedro. Juan: Kumusta ang eyeball mo? Bakit ka malungkot? Pedro: Shrek!

2674. Masarap kapag may kaibigan. May kausap. Masaya sa lakaran. Karamay sa problema. Pero ang pinakamasarap sa lahat, kapag ang kaibigan, natitikman! Yummy! - Gretchen Barreto. Hahaha!

2675. When you feel sad and alone, I'll be there to say, "Halika, mambato tayo ng bubong para masaya!"

2676. Husband: I want to buy a gift for my wife. Saleslady: How long have you been married, sir? Husband: 17 years. Saleslady: Doon po ang bargain section sa kaliwa, sir!

2677. Lasing1: Dito na lang ako pare, bahay na namin ito. Lasing2: Anong inyo? Amin itong bahay! Lasing1: Amin ito! Pustahan tayo. (Kumatok) Babae: Hay naku! Lasing na naman itong mag-ama!

2678. Kailan mo masasabing pangit ang isang magandang babae? Answer? Kapag tumabi sa akin! Hahaha!

2679. Sa buhay ko, daming nangyayari. Minsan, umiiyak, nasasaktan, nahihirapan. Ang dami kong sama ng loob. Pero alam mo ba na sa lahat ng luha ko, isa ka sa mga fans ko?! Nyahaha!

2680. Dear anak, Naipadala ko na yung 50 thousand pang tuition mo, ipinagbili na namin yung kalabaw natin. Ang mahal pala ng Counter Strike na kurso! Wala na rin pala tayong mga baboy, naipagbili na rin namin para dun sa sinasabi mong project, Nokia N75 ba yun? Ang mahal naman ng project mo! Kasama din dun ang 7 thousand para sa field trip nyo sa Mall Of Asia. Malayo ba yun, bakit ang mahal? Isasangla pa namin ang palayan para mabili mo yung instrumentong iPod. Napailaw nyo na ba yung pinagpupuyatan nyong San Mig Lights? Sana, grumaduate ka na. Love, nanay.

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Jul 7, 2007

text messages 2601 - 2640

Announcement: I need more text messages. Send your text messages to +639195947635, or e-mail to textmeyts@yahoo.com. Thanks! Have a nice day! Happy 777 Lucky Day!

2601. Life is unpredictable, anything could just happen. It might be success or a mess, but for as long as we're learning on the Lord's side, we'll win because God never loses a battle. God bless!

2602. God's hand is upon you today, touching your life with joy, blessing your heart with love and comforting yourself with peace. Smile! Take care!

2603. God's plans are better than ours, that's why God doesn't always say "Yes" to every word we say. Sometimes, He says, "My child, allow me. I have a better way." Good evening!

2604. The happiest people in the world are not those who have no problems, but those who learn to live with things that are less than perfect. Good night!

2605. Happiness is not something you have in your hands. It's something you carry in your heart. Give it away generously and it will return to you a thousand fold. God bless you!

2606. Kinda wondering why sunset is a lot colorful than the sunrise that just actually gives us light? I guess it's the irony of life. There is "good" in "goodbyes."

2607. If you desire long life, if you want to enjoy prosperity, keep your tongue from falsehood, keep your lips from deceit, turn away from evil and do good. Seek peace and pursue it. Keep the faith!

2608. Often, the greatest enemy of present happiness is past happiness too well remembered.

2609. I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it's not the answer. - Jim Carrey.

2610. Some learnings in life: 1. Be kind to yourself. 2. Looking good is feeling good. 3. You are out not to please everybody. 4. Expect little, but do your best and dream big. 5. Smile a lot! It's healthy. 6. Laugh your heart out. Be silly once in a while. 7. Live light and keep it simple. 8. Failure is a good starting point. 9. You are blessed. Don't forget to say thanks. 10. Have faith. God answers our prayers.

2611. I saw a painting of two friends holding hands, it's old yet never fading. How I wish we were the painting. Getting older, yet never changing.

2612. Sometimes people give up on love that's why God made the earth round so that if two people who are meant to be would decide to walk different paths, still at one point of the world, the end of their roads can meet.

2613. Falling in love is never a decision - always by chance. Staying in love is never a chance - always by choice. Falling out of love is never a choice - always a decision.

2614. 10 things to consider in a relationship: 1. Never both be angry at the same time. 2. Never yell at each other. 3. If one of you has to win an argument, let it be your mate. 4. If you must criticize, do it lovingly. 5. Never bring up mistakes of the past. 6. Neglect the whole world rather than each other. 7. Never go to sleep with an argument unsettled. 8. At least once a day, say a complimentary word to your mate. 9. When you have done something wrong, admit and ask forgiveness. 10. It takes two to make a quarrel, but the one who's wrong does the most of it.

2615. Woman are like apples on a tree. The best ones are at the top. Men don't want to reach for the good ones because they are afraid of falling and getting hurt. Instead, they just get the rotten apples from the ground that aren't good but easy. So the apples on the top think something is wrong with them. When in reality, they are amazing, they just have to wait for the right man to come along. The one who is brave enough to climb all the way to the top of the tree.

2616. FYI: An average American man measures 5'9". Pinoy average height is 5'4". Humans are a little taller at night (quarter of an inch). Average size of American penis is 6 inches. Average Pinoy penis is 4 inches. Typical guy laughs 15x a day, cries 1.5x a month. An average guy sleeps 7.5 hours a night, 220000 hours sleep in his lifetime. A typical American guy has 14.5 sex partners in his life (excluding sex workers) Men enjoy sex 135x a year. Men can read small prints than women but has weaker location memory. 91% of men lie regularly.

2617. Use your lips for truth, your voice for kindness, your eyes for compassion, your hands for charity, your figure for uprightness, your heart for love and for anyone who doesn't like you, your middle finger! Hahaha!

2618. Simple thought: No matter how serious life gets, you will consequently need the company of people whom you can completely be stupid with.

2619. Husband to doctor: I want a vasectomy. Doctor: Did you discuss this with your family? Husband: I asked my children and they voted favorably, 17-2.

2620. A guy after 3 hours of sex tells his girlfriend: You're not going to see me for a while. Girl: Why? Are you going to leave me? Boy: No. Just turn over. Next position please. :)

2621. Man: Can I have sex with my pregnant wife? Doctor: First 3 months, normal style. Next 3 months, dog style. Last 3 months, wolf style. Man: How do wolves do it? Doctor: Sleep near the hole and howl!

2622. This puzzle is exclusively for those who have a sharp mind. How many eggs will a rooster lay in 1 year if it lays 5 eggs a day? No reply, no IQ! Game? I'll wait...

2623. Trivia! A jellyfish is 95% water. Owls are the only birds that can see the color blue. A roach can live 9 days without its head. Camels have 3 eyelids. A goldfish has a memory span of 3 seconds. Pigs are the only animals other than humans that can get sunburn. Rats can't vomit, that's why rat poison works. Lobsters have blue blood. Moths have white blood. Dolphins sleep with one eye open. A mosquito has 47 teeth. Snails can sleep for 21 years.

2624. Your food choices show your mood: Angry people often eat meat which they can chew aggresively, it's like a release. Lonely people eat bulky food such as rice - they feel empty so they want something that makes them feel full. Stressed people eat chips or crackers. Sad people indulge in ice cream and cheese. Sexually frustrated people eat breads and donuts, they want something that slides down easy, no hassles. Source: Reader's Digest, January 2007.

2625. Anger is a condition where the tongue works faster than the mind. Hold it before you regret it! Have a good morning! Take care.

2626. It's hard to wait around for something you know might not happen. But it's harder to give up when you know it's everything you ever wanted.

2627. Girl: Bakit mo ako love? Boy: Ang mata mo, sing ningning ng bituin! Girl: Napanood ko na yan! Boy: You complete me! Girl: Kainis ka talaga! Boy: Tayong dalawa, always kama ang punta! Girl: Ay, love mo ako talaga!!!

2628. Sa kasalan. Pari: Sana, ang donation mo ay katumbas ng ganda ng pakakasalan mo. Groom: Eto, P5 father. Tiningnan ng pari ang bride. Pari: Eto P2, sukli mo!

2629. Wife1: Ang asawa ko ang the best! Hindi babaero, hindi naninigarilyo, hindi umiinom at nasa bahay lang lagi. Wife2: Parang santo pala siya! Wife1: Nope! Paralyzed ang tarantado!

2630. Nurse: Dok, bakit ayaw ng mga lalaki magcondom kapag nagsesex sila? Doktor: Tanungin kita, masarap bang mangulangot nang nakagwantes??

2631. What she says versus what she means... Says: Hindi ako galit. Means: Hayop ka! Says: Wait, 5 minutes na lang. Means: I'll be ready in 1 hour. Says: May suggestion ako. Means: Ito ang dapat! Says: Ang pangit ko ngayon no? Means: Sabihin mong maganda ako!

2632. What he says versus what he means... Says: Gusto mong kumain? Means: Gutom na ako. Says: Gusto mong panoorin talaga yan? Means: Ang corny. Says: What's wrong? Means: Nag-iinarte ka na naman dyan! Says: Ikaw ang pinakamagandang babae sa mundo. Means: Hay naku, eto na naman tayo.

2633. Alam mo bang tinext kita dahil gusto ko lang mangumusta? Yun lang, ayoko nang pahabain pa itong text ko sa iyo, kasi, ang pakay ko lang talaga ay kamustahin ka. Medyo tinatamad nga akong magtext lalo na kung mahaba, kaya ito, kakamustahin lang kita. Baka may ginagawa kang importante, sabihin mo pa nakakaabala pa ako sa iyo, kaya di na ako nagtext ng mahaba. Nakakahiya naman sa iyo. Basta alam mong naalala kita sa simpleng kamusta lang. Hindi na para tanungin ko pa ang ginagawa mo, o kung ok ka. Basta nagtext ako para mangamusta.

2634. Fall... Boron! Hahaha! I've been... Patrimonio! Wehehe. Anchor... Tis! Hahaha! Last na! Last na! Korny na... Sanchez! Wahahaha!

2635. Isang binatilyo ang pumasok sa gay bar. Nalaman ng nanay nya at nagalit. Nanay: Ano ang nakita mo doon na hindi mo dapat makita? Boy: Si tatay po! Tumitili pa!!

2636. Two men drinking: Man1: Pare, bakit hanggang ngayon, wala ka pa ring girlfriend? Tingnan mo ako, nakakailan na. Wala ka bang natitipuhan? Man2: (Blushed) Meron. Manhid ka lang kasi!

2637. Dapat talaga, lumabas na yang si Wendy sa bahay. Arte, arte nya no, tsaka walang breeding! - Tinkerbell.

2638. Movies that must not be translated into Filipino. Black Hawk Down - Ibong Maitim Sa Ibaba. Dead Man's Chest - Dodo ng Patay. I Know What You Did Last Summer - Uuyyy, Aminin! Love Actually - Sa Totoo Lang, Pag-Ibig. Million Dollar Baby - Milyun-milyong pisong sanggol (it depends on the exchange rate.) The Blair Witch Project - Ang Proyekto ng Bruhang Si Blair. Marry Poppins - Si Mariang May Putok. Snakes On A Plane - Nag-ahasan sa Ere.

2639. Movies that must not be translated into Filipino II. The Postman Always Rings Twice - Ang Kartero Kapag Dumutdot Laging Dalawang Beses. Sum Of All Fears - Takot Mo, Takot Ko, Takot Nating Lahat. Swordfish - Talakitok. Pretty Woman - Ganda ng Lola Mo. Robin Hood, Men In Tights - Si Robin Hood at ang mga Felix Bakat. Four Weddings and A Funeral - Kahit Apat Na Beses Ka Pang Magpakasal, Mamamatay Ka Rin! The Good, The Bad And The Ugly - Ako, Ikaw, Kayong Lahat!

2640. Movies that must not be translated into Filipino III. Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone - Adik Si Harry, Nagbabato. Click - Isang Pindot Ka lang. Brokeback Mountain - May Nawasak Sa Likod ng Bundok Tralala. There's Something About Mary - May Kwan Sa Ano Ni Maria. Employee Of The Month - Ang Sipsip. Resident Evil - Ang Biyenan. Kill Bill - Kilitiin sa Bilbil. The Grudge - Lintik Lang Ang Walang Ganti. Never Been Kissed - Pangit Kasi. Gone In 60 Seconds - Isang Round, Tulog. The Fast and The Furious - Ang Bitin, Galit! Too Fast, Too Furious - Kapag Sobrang Bitin, Sobrang Galit. Dude, Where's My Car? - Dong, Anung Level Ulet Tayo Nagpark? Beauty And The Beast - Ang Asawa Ko At Ang Nanay Nya!

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