Sep 26, 2009

text messages 3906-3935

Textmates reloaded!!! Another great text messages for you guys!!! Updates from Inspirational Text Messages, Romantic Love Quotes Text Messages and Funny Text Messages, also I added some Friendship Text Messages for you. By the way, I also posted some Pinoy Text Jokes to spice up your day! Go get you cell phone now and start texting!!!

Inspirational Text Messages

3906. May GOD give u relief for every stress, a sweet song for every sigh, an answer for every trial & peace for every troubled moment...
Good day! :-)

3907. I may never have the opportunity to do great things for you, but I'll always find a chance to do small things in a great way...thru PRAYERS! Good morning!

3908. We are tested by major changes, delayed promises, impossible problems, unanswered prayers, undeserved criticism, & even senseless tragedies. But the good news is that God wants us to pass the tests of life... but He never allows the tests we face to be greater than the grace He gives us! God bless.

3909. Don't count the things you think you've done for someone. Instead, count the number of times you felt better, just because you made them happy... =)

3910. Your life will be richer if you will make an effort to: Mend a quarrel. Search for a forgotten friend. Dismiss a suspicion & replace it w/ trust. Write a letter to someone who misses you. Encourage someone who has lost faith. Keep a promise. Forget an old grudge. Express your gratitude. Fight for a principle. Overcome an old fear. Tell someone you love them. Tell them again. And again. And again. Good morning!!! ;-)

Sep 25, 2009

text messages 3876- 3905

Hello guys!! Here's another batch of text messages. from inspirational text messages, romantic love quotes, funny text messages to pinoy text jokes. I'll be posting next time more text messages that you can share with your family and friends.

Inspirational Text Messages

3876. Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day. Stay positive... God knows what's best for us. Have a happy morning!! =)

3877. Only in God we are truly safe and secure. Anything else is false security, whether you are surrounded by mighty walls of stone, a comfortable home or a secure job. No one can predict what tomorrow may bring. Our relationship with God is the only security that cannot be taken away. God Bless!!

3878. Like birds, let's leave behind what we don't need to carry...Grudges, sadness, pain, fear and regrets! Fly light... Life is beautiful! Good Morning!!

3879. Don't run ahead of God. Let Him direct your steps. He has plans and He has time. God's clock is never early nor late... it always strikes on time.

3880. Don't count what you lost, cherish what you have and plan what to gain, because past never returns, but the future may fulfill the loss. =)

Sep 15, 2009

text messages 3841-3875

3841. A short "hello" makes ONE glow; a short "hi" makes ONE smile; a short "text" makes a day great; but a short "prayer" 4 you will make your day safe! Good morning!!!

3842. Little trials without God can break you. Big trials with Him can make you great. May you always find strength in God's faithful providence. Good morning!!!

3843. Hear with your heart. See with your soul. Be guided by a hand that you can't hold. Trust even if you can't see. That's what faith must be! God bless! Good morning!!!

3844. Good morning. A new day has come for us to celebrate the challenges of life and to share with the less fortunate the blessings we receive. Have a magical day.

*Brain cells come & go, but fat cells live forever.
*Age doesn't always bring wisdom, sometimes it comes alone.
*Life not only begins at 40, it also begins to show.
*The real art of conversation is not only to say the right thing at the right time, but also to leave the unsaid wrong thing at the tempting moment.
*Even if you are on the right track, you'll get run over if you'll just sit there.
*Today will be yesterday in just 24 hours...TGIF :-) TAKE CARE! :-)