Mar 23, 2009

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3786. Anagrams... What happens if we rearrange the Letters of the following words? Let's see...

DORMITORY - dirty room
DESPERATION - a rope ends it
THE EYES - they see
ASTRONOMER - moon starer
MOTHER-IN-LAW - woman hitler
ELEVEN PLUS TWO - twelve plus one
ELECTION RESULTS - lies, lets recount
Amazing isnt it?!รถ,

3787. "An old man once told his grandson: 'A terrible fight is going on inside me. A fight between two wolves. One is evil, it represents hate and anger. The other wolf is good, it represents empathy, love and compassion. This fight that's going on inside me, is inside every other person too, even you' The grandson then asked: 'Which wolf will win? The old man replied: ' It's the one that you always feed. Keep that in mind!

3788. 10 Ways to love people....1.listen without interrupting.(Prov18) 2.speak without accusing.(James1:19) 3.give without sparing.(Prov21:26)
4.pray without ceasing.(Colossians1:9) 5.answer without arguing.(Prov17:1) 6.share without pretending.(Ephesians4:15) 7.enjoy without complaint.(Philippians2:14) without wavering.(Corinthians13:7) 9.forgive without punishing (Colossians3:13) 10.promise w/o forgetting. (Prov13:12). . .GOD BLESS....

3789. Our minds gather the dirt and dust of human opinion everyday... but God's words are Like waterfalls that wash and purify our hearts & minds...God bless...

3790. The heart that has a firm faith is not frightened by obstacles 'coz it knows well that God loves and does not abandon those who trust in God!
- Good m0rning-

Mar 20, 2009

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3753. I love "SLEEPING"...wanna know why?!..."well, it's because "SLEEPING" is my only way of escaping from the pain which I can't bear when I'm awake..=(

3754. When I say "FRIEND" I mean someone heaven-sent, someone special, someone I treasure, someone I care for, someone important to me, someone like you! Take care FRIEND... God bless!:)

3755. Life is Like a Bible, everyday is a new page,with LesSons to Learn, Adventures to tell and tales of good deeds to remember, have a nice chapter today! Good Morning!!!

3756. "Tears are one of the most meaningful Liquid" Want to know why? because out of many Liquids here in the world, onLy tears can expLain the real meaning of pain.."

3757. "Braintwister" please arrange this scrambled word " N R A I T C 0 M" clue: if you love someone you will never forget this word. I'll wait for your answer...