Jun 15, 2010

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Father's Day Text Messages | Father's Day Greetings

Mothers's day is over and it is our dad's turn to know how thankful we are for having them as a father. Father's day is fast approaching... here are some Father's Day text messages and Father's Day greetings for you. Share this messages to your friends father, uncle, grandfather, and most especially to your father. Happy Father's Day to Daddy's out there!!! =)

4091. There couldn't be a better time to take this chance to say, that you're wished a world of happiness today and every day. I Love you Dad... Happy Father's Day!!!

4092. Dad...Sending you loads of loads of hugs, because you are simply the best. Happy Father's

4093. You have seen me cry. And always you were there for me. I may not have always said it but, today is the day to say it loud.'I Love You Dad' You are too special. Happy Father’s Day!!

4094. Hope you know how much it means to wish the best for you, because you're always thought about with love the whole year through. Warmest wishes on Father's Day!

4095. You are everything to me whom i can share all my secrets. You are always there to help me and strengthens me when I am about to give up. I love you daddy and I wish you live long. Happy Father's Day!!!