Nov 25, 2008

text messages 3616-3630

3616. Life can give you a hundred reasons to cry, but you can give life a thousand reasons to smile. Happy Thanksgiving!!Good Evening!

3617. A fish would never be happy living on land because it was made for water. You will never feel completely satisfied on earth because you were made for heaven! Rev 21:1 - Be happy! Happy Thanksgiving!

3618. One of my biggest rewards is to see your smile and to know that you are happy. I know life is sometimes going BAD but that is why I'm here for you to show that life can be good when somebody cares. Happy thanksgiving!!

3619. The most humbling statement we can say is "I am nothing without GOD" and our most powerful statement is "with God I can do anything" Happy Thanksgiving!! Good evening!

3620. A true friend defines the real meaning of friendship "it isn't based on how many secrets you share,isn't how well you get along nor how much you like each other, isn't how people see you together.. But it appreciates the differences, the gaps, the hindrances, the trials and still a friend looks at you, straight from the heart...without hatred, without judgement, without envy, without criticisms, only pure acceptance and respect. Good Morning!!

Nov 8, 2008

text messages 3596-3615

3596. A candle is a lovely thing. It makes no noise at all but quietly and unselfishly gives itself away with a flame of kindness…just like you! Good Evening!!!

3597. Life may lead us to different roads, meeting new people and learning new things. But one thing is for sure I will never forget the road where I met you! God Bless! =)

3598. No one in this world can dictate to you where you can be happy. If you know where and what it is…go for it. Just remember: Happiness is not a destiny, it’s a choice. Good Morning!!!

3599. I believe everything happens for a reason. People change so that you learn to let go. Things go wrong so that you learn to appreciate them when they are right. You believe less so eventually you trust no one but yourself. And sometimes, good things fall apart co better things can fall together. – Marlyn Monroe

3600. Never let go of anyone that you couldn’t go a day without thinking about. There just might be a very good reason why they’re always on your mind. Sometimes it’s the brain that knows too well what the heart tries so hard to deny.