May 31, 2007

text messages 2401 - 2450

2401. If God answers your prayer, He is increasing your faith. If He delays, He is increasing your patience. If He doesn't answer, He has something better for you. Good evening!

2402. God's promises are like stars, the darker the night, the brighter they shine. Happiness is not what you get from life but it is what you give to others. Good morning!

2403. Faith is the ability to not panic.

2404. If you worry, you didn't pray. If you pray, don't worry.

2405. Laugh everyday, it's like inner jogging.

2406. Growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional.

2407. Silence is often misinterpreted, but never misquoted.

2408. There is no key to happiness, the door is always open!

2409. The mind of God is different than the thoughts of man. As we follow Him, we discover that we lose to gain, surrender to win, die to live, give to receive, serve to reign, scatter to reap. In weakness, we are made strong. In humility, we are lifted up. In emptiness, we are made full. God bless your way!

2410. Faith in God soothes a troubled mind. It heals a wounded heart. Most of all, it becomes a stronghold in times of need. God cares! Hold on to Him always!

2411. An arrow can be shot only by dragging it back. So, when you find your life dragging back, don't feel despondent. God is about to launch you into victory!

2412. To those who see with loving eyes, life is beautiful. To those who speak with a tender voice, life is peaceful. To those who help with gentle hands, life is full. And to those who care with compassionate hearts, life is good beyond all measure. Have a nice day!

2413. Vision is when you see it while others don't. Faith is when you do it while others won't. May you always have both, so your light will shine brightly. Good evening!

2414. The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved, loved for ourselves, or rather loved in spite of ourselves.

2415. A sense of purpose is the best driving force to live. Because when you have a reason to live, you will never have a reason to quit. Good day!

2416. The measure of a person is not how well he prepares for everything to go right, but on how gracefully he stands up and moves on after everything goes wrong.

2417. It is amazing to realize that living in simplicity gives true contentment. We go as we come to this world and in the end, nothing is ours to keep. Good evening!

2418. Enemies stab you in front, bitches stab you at the back. Jerks stab you at the heart but a true friend is sitting there with a knife, to stab those a*sholes right back!

2419. A circle means forever, no beginning, no end. Let our special friendship be not just an endless line but a circle that goes on and on forever!

2420. A friend is an extension of yourself, without it, you are not complete. Take care of yourself my friend, because I don't want to lose 'a part of me'.

2421. If I can pull the rainbow of the sky, I'll shape it into your name then put it back in the sky. Why? To let everyone know how colorful my life has been with a friend like you. Good morning!

2422. I send this special wish to a friend for a friendship I will always cherish; may your life be filled with excellent health, much success and a bit of wealth, and may you live by the light above, and feel the joys that come from love.

2423. Some people look for the perfect person to love but they don't realize that a person becomes perfect when we begin to love them sincerely.

2424. A person who truly loves you is someone who sees the pain in your eyes while everyone else still believes in the smile of your face.

2425. As you read a book, it's hard to turn into another page unless you understand the first one. Just like love, it's hard to go on with the new one, unless you are over with your past.

2426. If you think life is bad, how would you like to be an egg? You only get laid once, you only get eaten once. It takes 4 minutes to get hard, only 2 minutes to get soft. You share your box with 11 other guys. But worst of all, the only chick that ever sat on your face was your mother! So cheer up, your life ain't that bad! Send this to people who don't know how to value balls, I mean eggs, I mean life. :)

2427. No matter how serious life gets, you will consequently need the company of people whom you can completely be stupid with. Thanks for being stupid at times! Mwahahaha!

2428. If you can't accept me at my worst, then you don't deserve me at my best!

2429. How to know if you are normal: 1. You have a Friendster account. 2. You have a cellphone. 3. You watch MTV. 4. You are fully aware of adult stuff. 6. You register to unlimited texting. 7. You sleep late. 9. You were so busy you forgot to read number 5. 10. You actually scrolled up to see if there's a number 5. Don't worry, wala ding number 8. 11. Then, slowly you smile, and you realize that you are normal! =)

2430. For the friendship, for the care, for the love, for the laughs, for the fun, for the bond, for the smiles, for the jokes, for the company, for the texts, for the joys, for the happiness, for everything, thank me! Thank me! =)

2431. B1: Grabe! Naholdap ako! Muntik pa akong mamatay! B2: Bakit hindi ka humingi ng tulong? B1: Nagtext ako sa police station. B2: Bakit, anong reply? B1: Hay naku! Ito ang reply, "Hu u?"

2432. Kapangyarihan ng alak! Taglay ay tama! Kambal ang tingin, gumegewang ang dating! Kami ang sunog baga! Tagay!

2433. Malalaman mo lang ang halaga ng isang bagay kapag... may tag price! :)

2434. Attorney: Where were you seated when the impact came? Court interpreter: Saan banda ka nakaupo nung dumating ang impakto?!

2435. Thought of the day: "If you were born na panget, it's not your fault. Pero kapag namatay kang ganyan, kasalanan mo na yan!" - Vicky Belo.

2436. "I'm a butterfly, a pretty, little, brown butterfly!" - Baklang Ipis.

2437. Tom Cruise + Katie Holmes = "Tomkat", Brad Pitt + Angelina Jolie = "Brangelina", Ogie + Regine = Ogre! Hehehe. Shrek 3, now showing!

2438. Ngayong muling nagluklok tayo ng mga pulitiko sa pamunuan, karapatdapat man sila o hindi, tayo ang nagbigay sa kanila sa kapangyarihan. Sa ngayon, ang sambayanan ay binabagabag ng isang matinding palaisipan: Ano ba talaga ang katotohanan sa likod ng hiwalayang Ruffa at Ylmaz?

2439. Mga pasosyal na nag-uusap. Girl1: Oh, paano ka nakarating dito? Did you walk or did you ride? Girl2: Syempre, did you ride! What do you think of me? Poverty? Oh common!

2440. A young boy was f*cking the dog when his mom entered the room. Both stared at each other and not a word was said. Then the boy said: Kaysa magdrugs ako?! :)

2441. Bata: Pabili po ng ubas. Tindera: Wala kaming ubas. Kinabukasan. Bata: Pabili nga po ng ubas. Tindera: Wala nga kaming ubas. Isa pang tanong mo at iiistapler ko na yang bibig mo. Kinabukasan. Bata: May stapler kayo? Tindera: Wala, bakit? Bata: Sige, pabili na lang ng ubas!

2442. Masakit ba ang ulo mo? Dahil sa problema? May gamot na! TOGMORON 500! Iun-TOGMORON sa pader ang ulo mo ng 500x. Tandaan, TOG-MO-RON! Kapag hindi epektib, TOGMOPA 250!

2443. Minsan... Yan ang tawag sa akin ng ngongo kong pinsan. Close kasi kami! =)

2445. Man: Miss, 5 Viagra nga! Tindera: Dami naman sir! Man: Yes! Very hot ang date ko tonight! The next day. Man: Miss, 2 bote ng Betadine. Tindera: Sir! Anong nangyari sa kamay nyo? Man: Hmp! Hindi sumipot ang date ko eh!

2446. Pare, nag-away kami ng girlfriend ko. Bakit naman? She asks for a gift, sabi kahit ano daw, basta may diamond. Yun naman pala eh, anong niregalo mo? Baraha!

2447. Sometimes, I get so busy that I forget to thank those people who have made a great impact in my life, like you. Thanks nga pala ha! Kundi dahil sa inyo, matino pa sana ako. :)

2448. May nakakita sa akin sa dalampasigan, malungkot at nag-iisa. Sabi nya, "Kung mahal mo sya, bakit hindi mo ipadama?" Sumagot ako, "Mahal ka dyan! Nag-outing kami, naiwan ako!" :)

2449. Use EYE, KNEE, BEER, SEED in one sentence. Sirit na? EYE KNEE BEER SEED dat ay lab yu! - Sam Melbe. Hehehe.

2450. Halalan official results!!! Pichay - nalanta! Sotto - nabulaga! Chavit - sumabit! Pacquiao - K.O.! Oreta - Danced out! Montano - Outshine! Goma - Flat! Mike - Na-tol-luyan! Garci - Hello, goodbye!

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2448-2450: Tekla

May 23, 2007

text messages 2351 - 2400

2351. God's love is unbounded, God's grace is unlimited, God's power is immeasurable. May you have God's endless blessings always.

2352. We face all challenges beyond all the problems because we believe that the more pain we overcome, the more stronger we become. Just hold on. Good day!

2353. We forget that forgiveness is greater than revenge. People make mistakes, we are allowed to make mistakes. But the actions we take while in a rage will haunt us forever. Pause and ponder. Think before you act. Be patient. Forgive and forget. Love one another.

2354. Everything you've done will become someone else's memory. The person might forget the exact words you said but there's no way to make them forget the way you made them feel.

2355. Goodbyes make you think. They make you realize what you've had, what you've lost and what you've taken for granted. They make you realize that sometimes, there are no next times, no time outs and no second chances.

2356. Life is a mixture of sunshine and rain, teardrops and laughter, pleasure and pain. Just remember, there was never a cloud that the sun couldn't shine through!

2357. White chocolates are not really chocolates, it's made of coco butter with more sugar and milk. Personality: Free willing. Dark chocolates are the real chocolates. It's good for the heart and health. Personality: Decisive and mature in taste. Milk chocolates are combination of dark and white chocolates. Personality: innocent and dwells in the past.

2358. If there's one thing I want to count on, one thing I want to thank for and one thing I'll always remember, it's the day we met and the things that in one way or another makes us friends!

2359. Someday, we'll be older. Someday, someone will love you more than life itself and someday, your whole life will be completely different except that I hope, someday, we'll still be what we are... Good friends!

2360. I never intended to be the most special person in your life, that's too much to ask. I just hope that one day, when you don't see my messages, you'll say, "Nakakamiss naman si Kukote."

2361. Don't be bitter and full of hatred when the one you love doesn't love you the way you love her/him. Ask, listen and let go. Don't force yourself to understand when you can't, to fight hard when obviously it's over and to play deaf to the nagging truth that what you've had doesn't work and won't work anymore. Instead, say: "I had loved you more than you think I would, but I feel sorry that you've lost your chance to be loved more than you would ever feel in your life after this.."

2362. Fact: When a guy wants you to meet his parents, you're into a lifetime relationship. Fact: When a couple fights too much but not breaking up, they are a sex couple. Fact: When a girlfriend says nothing is wrong, there is something wrong and the boyfriend needs to figure out or they will be in one hell of a fight. Fact: Love will last for a very long time if you would exert effort in making it stay.

2363. Pretending you don't feel anything for someone is like convincing yourself that you could probably deny the only thing you can be sure of.

2364. If you love someone, you have to give the best, do the right thing. But the best way to an everlasting relationship comes from two words... Don't Lie!

2365. It's not wrong to give it all when you love. It's not wrong to love a person so much. Sometimes, the only wrong thing is the person we love.

2366. When you love someone, you let them go thinking that if they love you, they will come back. What you fail to see is that they may not come back thinking that you don't love them for the very reason you let them go. Think about it.

2367. Be very careful if you make a woman cry because God counts her tears. The woman came out of a man's rib, not from his feet to be walked on. Not from his head to be superior of, but from the side to be equal with. Under the arms to be protected for and next to the heart to be loved.

2368. A man was going shopping to buy a gift for his wife and asked what she wants and for her sizes. "If it's clothes, I wear small," she said. "If it's diamonds, I wear large."

2369. Always smile in the morning, it makes people wonder what you did last night! Nyahahaha!

2370. It is sad for a girl to reach an age when men consider her "charmless." But it's worse for a man to reach an age when girls consider him "harmless."

2371. People go to casinos for the same reason they go on blind dates. Hoping to hit the jackpot... Carrie (Sex and the City)

2372. If your ears itch, someone thinks of you. If your eyes itch, someone wants to see you. If your lips itch, someone likes to kiss you. If your body itches, go take a bath!!!

2373. Teaching is the way to love others. Learning is the way to love yourself. Love makes everything that is heavy light. Good morning!

2374. Choose to see goodness in everything around you, and you'll soon appreciate your life more. Choose to see the good side of every event, thing, or person in your life, and you'll never run out of blessings to count. Let love embrace your life as God loves you. Good morning!

2375. It's so hard to be alone, alone in the dark where there's nobody to turn to, wherein the last person who you can depend will turn his back againt you.

2376. Sawa ka na ba sa kasasabi sa mahal mo na, "Ako na lang, please?" Ngayon, ito naman ang sabihin mo: "Ipinanganak akong walang kakambal, kaya mahalin mo ako nang walang karibal!"

2377. Like most people who get their hearts broken, he decided to move on. Wala naman syang magagawa eh. - Sam Milby's character, Kevin from You Got Me.

2378. It's ok to cry as hard and as long as you want to. Just make sure that when you stop crying, you won't cry for the same reason anymore.

2379. I can't promise that I will not leave you. Sometimes, we need to say goodbye because we can't hold on to something till the end. But always remember, friends pa rin tayo kahit may asawa ka na?!

2380. Bakit may mga taong sa una lang sweet? Sa una lang may time sa iyo? Sa una lang seryoso? Bakit may mga taong kapag alam na mahal mo, biglang nagbabago?

2381. Ang love, parang sugal. Minsan talo, minsan panalo, minsan, tiba-tiba, minsan, bawi lang. Pero alam mo kung anong masakit? Ang makita mong panalo ka na sana, kaso, hindi ka tumaya!

2382. Nagmahal ka sa sarili mong paraan. Nangarap ka sa sarili mong mundo. Naghintay ka sa sarili mong itinakdang panahon. Pero ang hindi mo masagot, bakit sya pa rin kahit nakakapagod?

2383. Ang nagmamahal sa iyo, minsan, nakakalimutan, minsan, binabalewala, minsan, pinagmamataasan, dahil mahal ka nga naman. Pero kung iisipin, minsan lang sya dumaan, kelangan pa bang saktan?

2384. Quote of the day: Wala naman siguro tayong matatawag na manhid na tao kung lahat tayo kayang aminin ang totoong nararamdaman natin.

2385. What's meant to be will always find a way and if ever you've found that way, do something to make it happen, never let it go. Kasi, hindi lahat ng meant to be, nagiging reality.

2386. Bakit kailangang mag-oist if you mean I miss you? Bakit tara? kung ang ibig sabihin, gusto kitang makasama? Why say teka, instead of dito ka muna? Asar talaga! Mahal ka na pala, itinatago pa!

2387. Ang tao, kapag inlove, nasasaktan na, ayaw pang paawat. Marami namang iba, pero umaasa sa hindi naman kanya. Alam mo kung bakit? Kasi, marami ngang iba, pero kapag nagmahal ka, isa lang naman sya eh, di ba?

2388. Sa libro ng buhay, bawat kwento ay mahalaga. Bawat buklat, merong kakaiba. Pero alam mo ba kung anong pahina ang bumuo ng aking istorya? Yung kwento kung saan nakilala kita. ;)

2389. Cry for a while, but not for a long time. You take goodbyes but keep moving on. Ganyan lang ang buhay, sometimes, "huhuhu" but life has countless reasons to "hahaha."

2390. Simple lang ako, yung tipong konting pakisama, masaya na, konting pagpapahalaga, kuntento na, yun ako. Kaya sa konting panahon na nabibigay mo, thank you po! Masaya na ako!

2391. Hey, wake up! Umaga na! Aba, ayaw? Ahh, cute! Gising! Naks, bilis ah! Good morning!

2392. One day, magkasama tayo, nagkekwentuhan at nagtatawanan nang mapadaan tayo sa sementeryo. Natawa ka nang makita mo ang name ko sa puntod. Tapos, paglingon mo, wala na ako. Tatawa ka pa ba?! Awoo!

2393. PAL: We are now preparing to land in San Francisco International Airport. Should you need any assistance, please don't hesitate to ask us. Hope you enjoyed your flight. Thank you. Paalala po sa mga Pilipinong pasahero, ang mga unan, kumot, plato at iba pang kagamitan sa eroplano ay hindi po kasama sa pasalubong ang mga ito. Maraming salamat po!

2394. Mahirap man na tanggapin, pero dumarating sa buhay natin at di maiwasan ang antok! Kaya sleep na tayo. Good night!

2395. Teacher: Who can give an example of a tag question? Pupil: My teacher is beautiful, isn't she? Teacher: Good! Itagalog mo nga! Pupil: Si ma'am ay maganda, hindi naman, di ba?!

2396. You wouldn't know how sweet life could be unless you've met me! Hahaha! Yun yun eh!

2397. Sorry kung medyo maiksi lang ang text ko ngayon. Ang totoo nyan, gusto ko talaga na bigyan ka ng pansin kasi baka kapag maiksi lang yung text ko, isipin mo na hindi ka importante sa akin, kaya lang, wala akong magagawa, kailangang iksian ko na lang muna yung text ko sa iyo. Hayaan mo, kapag hindi na ako busy, itetext kita ng mahaba. Sorry talaga, hindi ko na nga naitanong sa iyo kung kumusta ng buhay buhay mo, di ba? Next time talaga, mahaba na ang text ko sa iyo, hindi ko tuloy maipaliwanag yung side ko, di ba? Kaasar talaga ako. Sana, maintindihan mo kung bakit maiksi lang ang text ko. Thanks. Good evening!

2398. Tinanong ko ang lolo ko, "Masakit po ba talaga ang magmahal ng lubos?" Ang sabi ni lolo, "Apo, so what kung magmahal ang pulbos?!" Oo na lang. :)

2399. Piolo: Wow! Ang ganda nung chicks! Diether: Sexy pa! Grabe! Ang puti! Robin Padilla: Sino? Yung nakatube? Kilala ko yan! Teka, tatawagin ko ha? Psst! Kuya Rustom!

2400. Comelec warns Lacson due to his lewd campaign posters... Si-Ping kahapon. Si-Ping ngayon. Si-Ping bukas! Si-Ping sa senado! Si-Ping tayong lahat!!!

2351: Nao
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May 8, 2007

text messages 2301 - 2350

2301. No one will manufacture a lock without a key, similarly, God won't give problems without solutions. Good night. God bless.

2302. God has 5 gifts for you today: A key for every problem, a light for every shadow, a plan for every tomorrow, a joy for every sorrow and a new day full of blessings! Good day!

2303. God indeed is a listening God. Sometimes, you don't need to shout or cry out loud because He hears even the very silent prayer of a sincere heart. God bless.

2304. God has a purpose in our heartache, the Savior always knows what's best. We learn so many precious lessons in each sorrow, trial and test. Good morning!

2305. God turns you from one feeling to another and teaches by means of opposites, so that you will have two wings to fly, not one. God bless.

2306. I asked for strength and God gave me difficulties to make me strong. I asked for wisdom and God gave me problems to solve. I asked for prosperity and God gave me brain and brawn to work. I asked for courage and God gave me danger to overcome. I asked love and God gave me troubled people to help. I asked for favors and God gave me opportunities. I received nothing I wanted, I received everything I needed. The Lord knows what's best for us!

2307. God is working in more ways than we ask Him. He's doing more things for us than our faith can imagine. He makes all things wonderful, including you! God bless and good evening!

2308. Life is not to be wept over nor to be laughed at, but to be understood. Life is like a good book, the further you get into it, the more it begins to make sense. Good morning!

2309. They say people falling in line for a ride in amusement parks are crazy, they wait for several hours just to experience a 5 minute ride. But actually, they are not, because they don't mind waiting, they look for happiness, though they know that it takes time.

2310. Parable of the pig and the cow. The pig was unpopular while the cow was beloved. This puzzled the pig. Pig: People speak warmly of your gentle nature and your sorrowful eyes. They think you're generous because each day you give them milk and cream, but what about me? I give them everything I have. I give bacon and ham. I provide bristles for brushes. They even pickle my feet! Yet, no one likes me. Why is that? Cow: It is because I give while I'm still living.

2311. Thought of the day: Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do. Have a nice day!

2312. Don't waste your time on jealousy. Sometimes you're ahead, sometimes you're behind. The race is long and in the end, it is only with yourself.

2313. If fate favored you one day and you were asked what you wanted to be, don't wish to be someone else, because I tell you, you're wonderful the way you are! God bless.

2314. Expressing that you're remembering someone can just be this simple. =)

2315. Something to think about. Love the sun for it warms your body, yet love the rain for it cools your head. Love the light for it shows you the way, yet love the darkness for it shows you the stars. Welcome happiness for it enlarges your heart yet endure sadness for it opens your soul. Message? Be grateful for everything, just enjoy every moment for none of it will happen the same way again. God bless!

2316. A bad person who slanders a good one is like a person who looks up and spits at heaven. His spit never reaches the sky; it falls back into his own face!

2317. Moving on. Just two words. About a second to blurt out, but can be a million years to achieve. The more you try to get over, the more he/she is invading the mind and heart; so believe it or not, there's no such thing as moving on, it's just a matter of getting used with the pain. To put it in one word - numb.

2318. I don't know why we all hang on to something we know we're better off letting go. It's like we're scared to lose what we don't even really have. Some of us say we rather have that something than absolutely nothing. But the truth is: to have it halfway is harder than not having it all.

2319. You're sad because you cannot have the one you love. But what you don't realize is that somebody else is in much deeper pain for not having you.

2320. If people would ask me who I want to be with, I would simply say someone who's strong but not strong enough to let go of me.

2321. How is this fair? The one you cry for each night when you go to sleep is the same person you think of and puts a smile on your face when you get up in the morning.

2322. Even after all this time, the sun never says to the earth, "You owe me." Look what happens with a love like that. It lights the whole sky. - Hafiz

2323. Love is like the last item on display, you have to hold it and think really hard if you really want to have it or just leave it there. Otherwise, you might regret seeing someone take that last piece you gave up.

2324. I always thought that love can melt away the pain no matter how hard it is. Now I know that pain can also melt away the love no matter how great it is.

2325. You can love two people at the same time but never at the same degree.

2326. We have two eyes and just one tongue, which means we need to look twice and talk once. We have two ears and just one mouth, so, we need to listen more than we talk. We have two hands and one stomach, so, we need to work twice as much as we eat. We have two brains, left and right, and one heart, so, we can think twice, but can love only one.

2327. When you love, just be honest. Remember that it is better to tell the truth though someone may cry rather than to tell a lie to make someone smile.

2328. Love may take long but it will always take you to where you belong. Just hold on and enjoy the journey. No need to hurry because your heart will know when it's finally home!

2329. Kapag may problema ka, andito lang ako. Kapag nalulungkot ka, patatawanin kita. Kapag kailangan mo ng kaibigan, andito lang ako. Pero kapag tinawag mo ako tapos hindi ako nakarating, silipin mo ako, baka ikaw naman ang kailangan ko.

2330. Good morning! Simpleng salita, simpleng bati, pero para sa akin, malalim dahil sa simpleng salitang yun, nasabi kong naalala kita sa aking paggising.

2331. A special kaibigan is hard to hanap, hirap to lose and impossible to limot. True friends are never hiwalay, maybe I'm layo, but in puso, hindi kita forget, pangako! :)

2332. Sabi nila, kapag nakagat mo ang dila mo nang biglaan, may nag-iisip sa iyo. Sana, makagat mo ang dila mo, para malaman mong naalala kita. Gandang gabi!

2333. Ang kaibigan, hindi tulad ng pera, na pinagpapalit sa materyal na bagay, hindi rin laging may sukli. Pero alam mo ba ang pagkakatulad nila? Simple lang, kapag fake, walang halaga!

2334. Kung sakaling may 2nd life after I die, na bibigyan ako ni Lord ng wish, hahanapin muna kita, tapos, ituturo kita, tapos sasabihin ko, "Lord, ipakilala mo ulit ako sa kanya ha?!"

2335. Minsan, akala mo, kaibigan mo lang sya, na nandyan lang sya bilang tagapayo mo. Minsan, akala mo, wala lang sya. Ni minsan ba, naisip mo na mahal ka pala nya?!

2336. Ang kaibigan, parang bisyo. Yung iba, yosi, na panlaban sa tense at takot. Yung iba, alak, na nakakalasing. Pero ikaw, dahon, simple pero nakakaadik, astig di ba? High ka pa!

2337. When you need someone to be there for you and no one is around, gaze up to the sky, syempre, wala ako dun, but remember, we're just under the same sky, I could never be too far.

2338. Thank you for stepping into my life. But if ever you step out, your footprints stay forever. Kung babalik ka naman, pakilampaso na lang ng sahig ha! Nakakapagod lang maglampaso, thanks!

2339. Ang mga kaibigan, parang chords ng gitara yan. Kapag nawala ang isa, sintunado na. Kaya huwag kang mawawala ha, magjajamming pa tayo ng matagal, di ba?

2340. Some friends forget, some move away, some keep silent, some just change, but I'm not one of them. I'm just here, minsan, busy-busyhan nga lang, pero never kitang kakalimutan.

2341. Sorry for not being the best, though I've tried. Sorry for not being perfect for you, though I did everything. Sorry for not being someone whom you want and expect me to be. Sorry! Si "Kukote" lang ako eh!

2342. It's better to cross the line and suffer the consequences than to just stare at the line for the rest of your life. - Patintero po! Ayos ba tayo dyan?

2343. Isinama kita sa aking panalangin, sana makatulog ka ng mahimbing, managinip ng maganda at huwag iihi sa kama! Good night!

2344. Kapag umabot ito ng sampu, cute ka, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9. Uyy! Pinipilit ba?! Hehehe!

2345. Bakit ba binabase ang buhay sa horoscope, hula at bahala? Nakalimutan mo yata na pwedeng baguhin ang nakatakda at itinadhana. Sa Red Horse ka maniwala dahil ito ang tama!

2346. Question: Bakit hinihila ang tali? Sige nga, itulak mo nga! :)

2347. Minsan ba, naranasan mo yung bigyan ka ng sobrang importansya ng isang tanga? Na halos kalimutan yung pagkatao nya para lang mapasaya ka? Ako, naranasan ko na yun. Problema lang, ako yung tanga! Hehehe.

2348. Minsan, pakiramdam ko, wala na akong ginawang tama. Lahat mali, lahat may puna, pero kapag naisip kita, masaya na ako, dahil sa dinami-dami ng kalokohang nagawa ko, eh siguradong mas marami ang sa iyo!

2349. Hindi ako nakialam sa buhay ng iba. Hindi ako nang-agaw ng taong mahal ng iba. Yung mga bagay na hindi ko ginagawa, bakit ako pa rin ang lumalabas na masama? Ganun ba ako kaganda para kainggitan nila? Nyahahaha!

2350. Hindi ako nakikialam sa blog ng iba. Hindi ako nangopya ng text messages ng iba. Yung mga text messages na andito, bigay ng mababait na contributors ko. Pero bakit kailangang angkinin at kopyahin ng iba? Ganun na ba ito kasikat para kopyahin nila? Paano na sila, kung text message collection lang, ninanakaw pa nila?? Hahaha!

2301-2302, 2313-2315, 2324-2329: Madame J (+63928625***8)
2303-2305, 2308-2312, 2322-2323, 2333-2337, 2342-2349: Asha (+63917898***7)
2306: Jamie
2307: Nao
2316-2321: Eroica
2330-2332: Precious (+88691023***4)
2338-2339: Tekla
2340-2341: Joan
2350: My special message to plagiarists.