Jun 14, 2006

Link Exchange

Be cool! Link to this blog and you will get a link back. Simply copy any of the HTML codes below and paste it in your blog. After linking, simply leave a comment on this blog and I will link you back as soon as possible (one week at the most).

HTML codes:

Funny Text Message Collections
<a href="http://textmates.blogspot.com"><img src="http://www.fileden.com/files/31192/txtm.JPG" alt="Funny Text Message Collections"/></a>

Funny Text Messages
<a href="http://textmates.blogspot.com">Funny Text Messages</a>

Text Messages
<a href="http://textmates.blogspot.com">Text Messages</a>

Inspirational Text Messages
<a href="http://textmates.blogspot.com">Inspirational Text Messages</a>

Text Messages Collection
<a href="http://textmates.blogspot.com">Text Messages Collection</a>

Friendly Text Messages
<a href="http://textmates.blogspot.com">Friendly Text Messages</a>


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

i placed a link already on my blog. :) it's under the name of textmates. :D

Weston said...

I linked you on my blog "westoncraig.blogspot.com." Can you please link me back.

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email me when you do weston_williams@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

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Funny Text Messages

Cigarettes said...

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Cassandra said...

Hi Im Cassandra, Ive added your link to my 2 blog sites

A linkback is much appreciated..Thanks!

filipinoprogrammer said...

Hi great collection of quotes, I recently added some of your quotes on my blog site:

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Ryan Clemente said...

Hi, we've added a link to your site from ours(homepage). Please link back as soon as you can. Thanks.

Neil G. Alado said...


I have added a link of your site to my site. You can it it on http://www.philippine-textmates.blogspot.com

Please if you can email me if you have linked back to my site at s9701912_lien@yahoo.com.

Just named my link as Pinoy Textmate Portal (url http://www.philippine-textmates.blogspot.com)

Thank You.

Anonymous said...

I've added a link to your site. my site is textmate.ph. please link bank as soon as possible. thanks.

tidbits said...

I've added you to my links! please link back. thanks! :)

Mich said...

hi there! I couldn't see my link in your blog. was it deleted? thanks! :)

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Rnold said...

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Princess Cinderella said...

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gagay said...

nice blog..can we exchange links?

Nathawut said...

hey mate, your was added.

This is mine : http://123funny.blogspot.com

Wally said...

Hi.... I added you to my blogroll list... hope to see mine soon... here's mine http://wallygallor.com ...T.C

Rnold said...

Hi! I tagged you to worldwide link love. check it out here: http://textfanatic.blogspot.com/ nTo tag back, just copy the tagpost and post as your very own. just follow the instructions in the post. have fun!

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Pinoy Lotto Winner said...

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Wally Gallor said...

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nhotty said...

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ZBT said...

Hi MM,

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Robert said...

Hi! macuha right? i already link your blog about (Text Messages) to mine @ http://allfunnytextmessages.blogspot.com/

Best Regards,
Robert Salceda

Robert Salceda said...

Macuha, i am waiting for your responds