Jun 12, 2006

Download 500 Text Messages

You reached this place because you wanted to download 500 text messages, right?

Don't worry, I'm going to give you the 500 text messages in excel format, but before that, I just need a little favor from you. Just a little favor, and you will have your 500 text messages file, I will send it to you via e-mail.

Ok, here is what you have to do. You must have a blog, or a website. If you don't have, you can ask your friend with a blog or a website to do this for you.

1. In your blog or website, put a link to this blog using the code below:
<a href="http://textmates.blogspot.com" title="Cool Text Messages">Text Messages Collection</a>

2. You must also put a link to ituloy angsulong blog using the code below:
<a href="http://marhgil.blogspot.com" title="ituloy angsulong">ituloy angsulong</a>

3. Send an e-mail with the subject "500 Text Messages" to marhgil(at)yahoo(dot)com, showing the exact location on where you put the links.

4. Upon verification, I will send you a thank you e-mail with the 500 text messages file attached. I will try to respond within one week. After one week and you did not receive your 500 text messages (I will do my best to send it as fast as I could!), send a follow-up, ok?


1 comment:

evi said...

bro, you don't have to send me the 500 text messages. i'll add the two links. hope you win!