Oct 12, 2009

text messages 3936-3960

It's October! What's Up? It's Halloween time again!!! Here's a new lists of text messages that you can share with your family and friends. New updates from Inspirational Text Messages, this is the right time to inspire people not to lose hope. Let us share some laughter's with our friends with those Funny Text Messages and Pinoy Text Jokes and also... we have some Halloween Text Messages to scare our enemies!!! hehehe

Inspirational Text Messages

3936. Life is an undying cycle. It is a battle of survival. If you quit, then you're a loser. If you fall, you stand up! If you keep on complaining about the miseries of your life, nothing will happen. GOD doesn't throw stones that we cannot catch. Live with HIM and everything will turn out good. Have a blessed Sunday.

3937. Whoever overlooks wrongs, all his sins are overlooked... whoever is merciful to others, heaven is merciful to him...good evening to all :)

3938. GOD has reason for allowing things to happen… Those who thank GOD even in trials turn burden into blessings… so keep your faith close to your heart and GOD shall provide the comfort u need… GOOD MORNING

3939. Life moves forward not backwards. It cannot move back and you cannot go back. It is like time. It is time. Do not let words or judgments that people put on you stop you from moving forward. You have no time to waste to allow anyone to push you back. You must move forward to keep up with who you are and what you want in life. Moving back will only slow you down. Only listen to and let things that push you forward affect you. That is all you need and nothing more." :)

3940. THOUGHTS 4 TODAY: Be thankful that you don't already have everything you desire, if you did, what would there be to look forward to? Be thankful when you don't know something, for it gives you the opportunity to learn. Be thankful for your mistakes. They will teach you valuable lessons. Be thankful when you're tired and weary, because it means you've made a difference.

3941. Sometimes the world is so confusing, but I’m so sure we will win against all odds. Thanks to heaven I’ve found you. A friend who I can call real & true…a bestfriend

Funny Text Messages

3942. Dentist: I guess it's time to stop this affair...
          Patient: but why? You know that I love you so much.
          Dentist: I know, but you're running out of alibis.
          Patient: how come?
          Dentist: you only got one tooth left!

3943. A Japanese tourist was visiting Manila for the first time. While inside the taxi, he was so amazed by loads of Japanese technology he met along the way and was bragging about them to the taxi driver. "Mitsubishi, made in Japan… very fast!" “Toyota,.. made in Japan... very fast!" "Nissan, made in Japan... very fast!" upon arriving at his hotel, he asked for the fare and was told it was $200. "What? Why so expensive?!!" he protested. Driver to the Japanese: "Taxi meter, made in Japan… very fast!"

3944. Dr: I’m afraid I have some very bad news.
               You’re dying and you don't have long to live.
          Patient: oh, that's terrible! Tell me honestly doctor how long have I got to live?
          Dr: 10...
          Patient: ten what? Months? Weeks? Days?
          Dr: 9...8...7...6... hehehe... countdown!!

3945. I felt so happy today when my daughter told her friend "MY DAD IS A GOOD LOOKER!" until she added, "he always find the things I lost." now I realized the big difference between "good looker" and "good looking" hahaha

3946. Dr: did you follow my advice about sleeping with your windows open? Patient: Yes doctor. Dr: so, did your asthma disappear? Patient: No. but my laptop, ipod, TV and blackberry did.

3947. Girl: I want to end our relationship; I’m going to return to you everything you gave to me. BOY: Ok then, let’s start with the kisses. =) Hahaha! Cheesy break up?

3948. Teacher: Now give me the opposite of this sentence: “Children in the dark make mistakes.” Pedro: Mistakes in the dark make children.

Halloween Text Messages

3949. As the night falls, I want to greet you good night along with a warm hug from a crawling white little boy under your bed, a watchful eyes from a white lady and a good night kiss from a man with red eyes. Good Night and Happy Halloween.

3950. BOY: Mom, is it really true that there’s a ghost? Mother: and where did you get that silly question? Boy: from our neighbor. Mother: son, we don’t have neighbors. Awooo!!! Happy Halloween!!!

3951. Someday I’ll die, no more talks and tears but theirs always be traces to live by, if I die, surely my life could end, but you can still continue talking, I’m just here… I’m listening. Happy Halloween!!

3952. Tonight, ghost will be anywhere and everywhere. If you don’t manage to see a ghost this Halloween, don’t worry. Just face the mirror and start making merry. Happy Halloween!

3953. One night, Mark walks alone in a dark Balete Drive. Then he heard “Mark, Mark”. He turns around to see who it is but there’s no one. “Mark, Mark.” He ran so fast until he reaches a sign that reads “Beware, Dog with a cleft palate!”

3954. If you were the one to kill me, it wouldn’t really matter. The truth is, you can slit my throat and with my one last breath id still apologize for bleeding on your shirt.

3955. Nawa'y makatulog ka habang may isang batang nakatingin sa iyo sa isang sulok ng iyong kuwarto. Pumasok nawa ang sariwang hangin mula sa iyong bintana kung saan may isang babaeng nakadungaw sa iyo. Awwooo!!!! Awooo!!! Sweet dreams!! Sana ay huwag bangungot ang dumalaw sa iyo. =)

Pinoy Text Jokes

3956. BERTO: Ano ang mas mahalaga, pera o asawa?
          ROMY: Siyempre, pera! Kasi, ang pera, habang tumatagal, lumalaki ang interest. Ang asawa, habang tumatagal, nawawalan ka ng interest, tapos, inuubos pa ang pera mo, hahaha!

3957. Martha: Mare, pwede ba, dito muna ako sa inyo?
                   Lumayas ako sa amin. Kasi, buntis ako.
          Guada: Dapat, sa taong nakabuntis sa iyo ka pumunta!
          Martha: Kaya nga rito ako pumunta, eh. Nandiyan ba si pare? hahaha!

3958. Mag-asawa, nag-aaway: Lalake: mas ok pa yata kung nagpakasal ako sa demonyo!
Babae: wehhh! Bawal kaya magpakasal sa kamag-anak. Hehehe!=) Gandang Hapon!

3959. Ifugao: Apply po akong sundalo Sir. Officer: Di ka pwede! Andami mong sirang ngipin! Bungi-bungi ka pa! Ifugao: Bakit sir, ang giyera ba ngayon eh lips to lips na? Hahaha! =)

3960. Isang lolo ang humatak sa babae sa damuhan. Girl: Lo, kahit mahubaran ninyo ako, di nyo ko kayang gahasain, susumpong lang rayuma nyo! Lolo: watch me! Nag FLANAX yata ito! -hahaha

Note: If you have some Halloween Text Messages to share please send your text messages to +639232619589. You can also e-mail your text messages to textmeyts@yahoo.com. The author reserves the right to edit the text messages. Credits to the text message will be given in a first-come-first-served basis.


3936; Jong Martinez (From Facebook)
3937; Jennifer Capuz (From Facebook)
3938. Febe Almozara Oporto (From Facebook)
3939; Ramir Libre (From Facebook)
3940; Ysrael Mendez (From Facebook)
3941; Jesse Knott (0907703***0)
3942-3946; Ersire Remollo (From Facebook)
3947-3948; Anonymous (0908972***3)
3949-3955; Anonymous (0918799***0)
3956-3957; Ariel Sampaga (277001010***2)
3958-3959; Anonymous (0917277***9)
3960; Donser (0909616***1)


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