Jan 17, 2009

text messages 3696 - 3720

3696. Know why do I like being your friend so much? Because you are so cool. Because you make me laugh. Because you are so sweet. Because you make me feel special. Because you are always there. I'm so glad to have you as my friend. Happy Valentines Day!

3697. No poems, no fancy words, I just want the world to know that how much I LOVE YOU with all my heart. Sending you lots of smiles to wish you a Happy Valentines.

3698. We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love. Happy Valentines Day to all!

3699. Without Love -- days are sad day, it will be moan day, tears day, waste day, fright day, sadder day...So be in love everyday... Wish you a Happy Valentine's Day to all!

3700. Sending you a text to say.... Happy Valentines Day!!

3701. Even though we are not together this Valentines Day but I'll be with you wherever you go and whatever you do. Love you always. Happy Valentines day.

3702. Across the miles, sending you bunch of full wishes to say... Hope your Valentines Day is special in every way. Happy Valentines Day!

3703. You brighten my day with the sound of your voice, you bring so much laughter and love, you are everything to me and I was so blessed when God sent you here for me. I love you and I would like to spend my Valentines with you.

3704. I'm enthralled by your beauty, mesmerized by your charisma and spellbound by your love. No wonder I am always thinking about you. I wish to celebrate every Valentine with you. Happy Valentine's Day!

3705. With each passing day, I fall a little more in love with you. I love you honey. Happy Valentines Day!!

3706. I don't have all the right words, I only have three...and I would like to say it to you... I love you. Happy Valentines Day!

3707. I'll make it simple... I Love you... from the bottom of my heart. Happy Valentines Day my love.

3708. Here is my heart, it is yours so take it, Treat it gently, please do not break it. It’s full of love that’s good and true, so please keep it always close to you. Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

3709. A Valentine message from me to say... Thinking of you in a special way... Just as I do everyday! Happy Valentines Day!

3710. You are my love and you are my VALENTINE. I do love you and it’s true, I never know my life without YOU. This Valentines Day I want to spend it with you. I love you and I know you do love me too.

3711. Valentines is not only for lovers... But should also be the time to reflect on our past lovers and hope that they are alive… Alone…and miserable…Bwahaha!

3712. This valentines, makes sure you send the one you love a basket of flowers, buy her a box of chocolates and tell her you love her very deeply. And then do the same for your wife para walang problema. Hehehehe

3713. When someone’s throws you a stone, go ahead, find a hallow block to hit him back. It’s not all the time that you have to endure the humiliation and pain. Sometimes you have to let the person learn his lessons in a hard way. Inspiring! Pwede na… hehehe

3714. Question: Why did the chicken say, “Meow, oink, bow-wow and moo?” Answer: He was studying foreign languages. Hahahaha!

3715. Your future depends on your dreams…so tulog lang! Magtatagumpay ka rin! Hehehehe Good night!

3716. Dr.: Ano sakit mo? Man: Utot po ako ng utot every 5 minutes pero walang amoy. Dr.: Umutot ka ba ngayon? Man: Opo. Dr.: Sige, ooperahan na kita sa ilong para maamoy mo utot mong hayop ka! Gandang gabi!!

3717. Nahipo ng bf ang legs ni gf. GF: ooppss..psalm 129! BF: Sorry! (pag-uwi hinanap ni bf ang PSALM 129) … “Go higher and find glory!” BF: “Sayang!” Hahaha =)

3718. Minsan ang love parang ibon. Kailangang palayain, kailangan pakawalan. Babalik yan kung talagang para sa iyo, kung hindi… Barilin mo! Letcheng ibon yan! Choosy!!! =)

3719. Kung nakukulitan ka na sa mga sales na nagtatanong ng “ ano po ang hanap nila?” isagot mo… “kapayapaan at pagkakaisa!” Hahaha

3720. Estudyante: Sir, musta po grades ko? Teacher: Aba! Iha, maganda! Kasing ganda ng buhok mo! Estudyante: Talaga po? Wow naman! Teacher: Oo iha, parang hair mo…Bagsak!! Wahehehe… Good Morning!!!


3696-3700,3706-3708; (0918799***0)
3701-3705; (0905474***8)
3709-3712; May (0928492***0)
3713,3719-3720; Syvil (0920725***0)
3714; Ariel Sampaga (277001010***2)
3715-3716; Christine Redondo (0921369***9)
3717-3718; Abet Basey (0917866***0)

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