Sep 18, 2007

text messages 2901 - 2950

2901. The verse "Don't be afraid" appears 365 times in the Bible. Enough assurance that for each day of the year, we can trust God to face everything with Him.

2902. The God we met in good times is the same God we meet in hard times. May the Lord refresh us and give us strength as we face new challenges everyday. Good night!

2903. You are a blessed person with an important role to play in life and God is watching over you with love and concern. Be the best you can be for God's purpose. Good day!

2904. Lord, grant me the vision to see Your plans for the world. Continue to pour out Your blessings. For in everything we do, we shall praise You. Amen.

2905. Life can be happier and less stressful if we remember one simple thought: We can't have all that we desire but GOd will give us all that we deserve.

2906. Little things we give away surely comes back to us some other day, coz God never forget to give rewards to those who share their unselfish hearts. God bless you.

2907. If there is one mistake in your whole lifetime that you can tolerate, it is when you are kind even to those who are undeserving.

2908. Eternity, without it, yesterday is forgotten. Today is taken for granted and tomorrow will never come.

2909. If you are so much focused with what's left behind, you might not be able to see what lies ahead. - Chef Gusteau, Ratatouille.

2910. A good test of character: When you've done something wrong, accept/admit it and be sorry. No one has ever choked to death from swallowing his/her pride.

2911. Just think of happy things and your heart will fly on wings forever! - Peter Pan.

2912. Life will never be better without you, you're not just an ordinary friend, have seen a lot of them but nothing compares to what we have had, that's why I'm keeping you forever in my heart, today though too complicated, way beyond, for all I know, everything is temporary but I'm hanging around with you of my todays. You'll always be my bestfriend, Dude, that's forever and I mean it.

2913. Years from now, I don't know who I'm gonna be, where' I'll be in my life and what I have by then. But one thing would be certain, that you'll still be my friend wherever I'll be.

2914. Friendship is always a promise kept in the heart so when everything is unclear, just remember three things: I'm here, still here, with or without beer. :)

2915. I wish you the best of ber starting today. Bery healthy, bery happy, bery rich, bery well loved, bery kind, and most of all bery young looking always! Bery many blessings to you!

2916. Question: When is the best time to tell someone you love him/her? Answer: Before somebody else does.

2917. It's a mistery why people still fall in love after a heartbreak and risk getting rejected and hurt all over again. I guess it's the dream of finding true love or simply because life is happier when you're in love.

2918. You are part of the puzzle of someone else's life. You may never know where you fit, but others will fill the holes in their lives with pieces of you. So if you run out of reasons to live, remember that someone else's life may never be complete without you in it.

2919. One should always be in love, that's the reason one should never marry. - Ambrose Bierce

2920. The best love is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us reach for more, that plants a fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. And that's what you've given me. That's what I'd hope to give you forever. - Noah, The Notebook.

2921. Life's questions: How old are you before it can be said you died of old age? Why did Sally sell seashells on the seashore when you can just pick them up anyway? In libraries, do they put the bible in the fiction or non-fiction section? Do bald men wash their head with soap or shampoo? Why are red buttons always the most important? Why is it when you're sleeping it's called a drool but when you're awake it's called a spit? Could someone be addicted to counseling, if so, how would you treat them? Why when people ask you, "What 3 things would you bring with you on a desert island?", no one ever replies, "A boat." Why are elderly people often called "old people" but children are never called "new people"?

2922. Doctor: Your sex operation is a success, you now have your pussy. Gay: Thanks doc! Doctor: Oh, here is you dick, since you're so ugly you will need it to f*ck yourself.

2923. Thought of the day: A friend never gets in your way unless you happen to be going down.

2924. Great signs! 1. Gynecologist - Dr. Chua at your cervix. 2. Septic tank truck - Yesterday's meals on wheels. 3. Plumber's office - We repair what your husband fixed. 4. Tire shop - Invite us to your next blowout. 5. Electrical shop - Let us remove your shorts. 6. Maternity room door - Push, push, push! 7. Optometrist's clinic - If you don't see what you're looking for, you've come to the right place.

2925. Telling a lie is a fault for a little boy, an art for a lover, an accomplishment for a bachelor, and a matter of survival for a married man.

2926. A man's wife lost interest in sex. Doctor gave him pills to give to his wife. He drops one in wife's coffee and takes one also. After 10 minutes: Wife: I need a man! Man: Me too!

2927. A man applying as security guard was interviewed: "What we ned is a person with suspicious mind, high alert, insistent, unusual sense of hearing and with killer instinct. Do you think you are qualified?" "I'm afraid not. But could I ask my wife to apply?"

2928. Businessman explaining the reason for having two or more wives: "Monopoly is always damaging while competitions improve service!"

2929. May mga taong hindi mo maintindihan. Akala mo, makulit, mabait pala. Akala mo, wala lang, caring pala. Akala mo rude, sweet pala. Mukhang ikaw, no? Pero ako pala. Hehehe.

2930. Mahirap maging perfect sa taong love mo! Nagbago ka dahil sa kanya, nagpakababa ka dahil din sa kanya, pero ang masakit, perfect ka na, iniwan ka pa!!!

2931. Man: Doctor, bakit dinugo sa first night ang asawa ko e dating GRO yan. (Ineksamin ng doktor ang misis) Doc: Wala po kayong dapat ikabahala, natuklap lang po ang kalyo!

2932. Receptionist: Pasok na sir, maraming bago ngayon, mga bata at sexy! Customer: Gusto ko, yung mature na at mataba. Receptionist: Uy, si sir, homesick na!

2933. The bear and the two men. Two men were walking in a forest when they saw a bear. One immediately ran and climbed up a tree. The second man was slow and was left behind. So, the second man pretended to be dead. The bear then came, walked around him and smelled his head. Then the bear went away. When the bear was gone, his friend came down the tree and asked, "What did the bear tell you?" He said, "Don't trust someone who leaves you in time of need or trouble." Hanep! Nagsasalita yung bear!

2934. Hindi ko alam kung anong papel ko sa buhay mo, sa pagkatao mo, o sa puso mo! Meron man o wala, gusto ko lang malaman mo, hindi ako papel, kokomban! kokombaaannn!!

2935. Pare, may dalaga dito sa amin, gustong magwork sa Japan. Pinahiram ko na nga ng pera, sinampal pa ako. Para sinabi ko lang naman na, "Ibalik mo sa akin yan kapag maluwag ka na ha!"

2936. Kung doktor ka, paano mo sasabihin sa pasyente mo na hindi na magtatagal ang buhay nya? Ganito... Makulay! Makulay! Ang buhay! Ang buhay! Makulay ang buhay sa kabilang buhay!

2937. Good morning! A cute greeting from a cute sender. Have a bright morning, cute receiver! Yan ah, patas! =)

2938. Boy: Hayop ka! Hirap na hirap akong nagtatrabaho sa sakahan mo pero sahod ko, hindi tumaas! Kung mamatay ako, sinong magpapakain sa pamilya ko, ikaw? Amo: Inglisin mo para taasan ko sahod mo! Boy: Animal you! Poor poor me to job in your farm but my salary did not climb! If I die, who will eat my family, you?

2939. DTI Inspector: Yung mga ibinebenta nyo raw na toys na made in China, marami daw lead sa pintura nito. Akong: Oo, malami led, pelo melon din silang glins at olens!

2940. Hawakan, salatin, ipasok ang daliri, hanggang 3 pwede, depende sa laki ng butas. Ipasok hanggang ilalim, haplusin pati puwet. Yan ang tamang paghugas ng baso.

2941. Minsan, sa buhay, may gusto tayong hanapin. Tagumpay? Pag-ibig? Kaibigan? Saya? Pero naisip mo ba? Ang nais mong makita sa umaga, pustahan? Ano? Cellphone, di ba? :)

2942. Try this. Mag-isip ka ng dalawang number, from 1 to 100. Huwag mo munang scroll down, ha! Tapos na? Ok, thanks! Good night! (Nagpapaantok lang!)

2943. Today's lesson: Kapag nadulas ka sa harap ng crush mo. The best palusot: "See how I fall for you?" Yun yun! Yun ang tinatawag na poise under pressure!

2944. Tahimik na nakatitig si Inday sa bote ng juice. Dahil nakasulat... Concentrate! Toink!

2945. Ederlyn: Ikaw ba ang Inday na sinasabi nila? At sino ka para itulad sa akin ang iyong kasikatan ngayong ako'y nananahimik na? Wala kang karapatan para pantayan ako! Hayop ka! Inday: My apologies, but the fact is your glory days are over my friend. I find it somewhat ridiculous, your persistence on persuading people to come to your party that never existed is beginning to get into my nerves!Damn you Ederlyn! Damn you! No one undermines Inday's intellect, b*tch! *Evil laugh* - Nag-away na sina Ederlyn at Inday.

2946. 500 ~ GLobe Plan subscription. 1800 ~ Glutathione tablet. 600 ~ Olay Total Effects. 1500 ~ Crocs flip flops. 2000 ~ For Mama. Budget in Inday sa sweldo nya. Ganda nya, noh?

2947. "Je suis triste et solitaire." (I'm sad and lonely) - Instant messaging ni Inday sa kanyang French boyfriend na one month nang hindi sumasagot sa YM at emails nya. Nakakaloka!

2948. 1. Fendi handbag. 2. Balenciaga sandals. 3. Manolo Blanich hi-heels. 4. Chanel furcoat. 5. iPod Video. 6. Motorola Razr, Dolce and Gabbana edition. 7. Sony flatscreen plasma tv. 8. Aquamarine diamond watch. 9. Louis Vuitton bag. 10. Obagi system skin care line. - Wish list ni Inday for Christmas (nakadikit sa ref ng amo nya!)

2949. I'm not extremely good looking but I have a sense of humor. I'm not breathtakingly intelligent but I'm relatively witty. I'm not insanely rich but I'm fairly kind. I'm just a simple guy with a crazy elusive ambition of meeting your acquiantance. So, hi! =) - Dodong, nakikipagtextmate kay Inday.

2950. Mere exchange of messages through these minute digital devices cannot fully express my overwhelming gratitude for getting to know such a dynamic person like you. Hopefully, one day, we can personally meet and find out that we are true individuals not hiding in this virtual facade that we call text messaging. Thanks for being my textmate. - Inday, reply nya kay Dodong!

2901-2908, 2913-2917, 2922-2940, 2948-2950: Asha (+63917898***7)
2909-2910, 2918-2921, 2941-2947: Eroica
2911-2912: Dudai (+63920209***2)


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