Jan 8, 2007

text messages 1501 - 1550

1501. 3 stages of life: Teens - You have all the time and energy but no money. Workers - You have the money and energy but no time. Oldies - You have all the time and money but no more energy. Enjoy Life!

1502. We used to think that life is a fairytale, full of magic, exciting, vivid. But that was a long time ago, now we know that there's more to life than just "happily ever after." We've learned that we get wiser each day, and no fairy can lead us to happy ending. We decide, we struggle, and somehow w move to understand, that we have the power to make each day better than yesterday.

1503. Prayer: I know you're watching over me Lord and I'm feeling truly blessed. For no matter what I pray for, You always know what's best.

1504. Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul. It is daily admission of one's weakness. It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart. Good night! God bless.

1505. Then one stupid person, so different from any other stupid person, wanders into your stupid life, you give them a piece of you. They don't ask for it. They do something dumb one day, like say Hi or smile at you, and then, your life isn't your own anymore.

1506. If hearts were made of glass, the world would have ran out of glue a centuries ago. I agree. =)

1507. Why does baby angels serve as cupids? That is to remind us that love never grows old. And why are cupid's arrow directed to the heart? To remind us that true love hurts.

1508. Life is divided into three terms - that which was, which is and which will be. Let's learn from the past to profit by the present, and from the present to live better in the future.

1509. You never leave someone behind, you take a part of them with you and leave a part of yourself behind.

1510. God never takes a day off to love, to care, to guide us in every moment of our lives. May his choicest blessings be with you always. Good night!

1511. Sometimes, fate has a cruel way of putting things together. Maybe, it's better if people just give up when there's no point in fighting for something anymore. When the ship has finally sailed, only a fool would go after it when it's already miles away. But sometimes, it's a lot better to be a fool to go after what we want and need, rather than to regret everything in the end because we never even tried.

1512. Smile. It makes a world of difference. Dance. Who knows when you won't be able to? Cry. Holding those emotions in is bad for you. Kiss. Kisses are one of the most wonderful things in the world. Laugh. What's the point in hiding happiness? Frown. Why not let him/her know you're unhappy? Apologize. You don't wanna lose friends. Hug. There's no better feeling being wrapped up close to someone you love. Live. Because life is everything.

1513. One day, the body asked the heart. The doctor cures me when I'm hurt. But who cures you when you're hurt? The heart answered, I have to cure myself. Maybe that is why everyone has their own way of healing their hearts. They drink, smoke, sing, get angry, laugh and cry. They pour their heart out to friends, go on trips, make themselves busy and love again. But you know what's the worst remedy people often do? They just ignore the pain and pretend not hurt at all.

1514. Great gifts are not found in any store. The best present is stored in the hearts of friends; it has unlimited supply and bears no expiry date. Good day!

1515. A genie appeared to me, gave me an option to make a wish, either to have a good memory, or to have you in my life. I forgot what I've chosen. =)

1516. An interview with God. Man: What surprises you most about humankind? God: That they get bored with childhood, they rush to grow up, and then long to be children again. That they lose their health to make money and then lose their money to restore their health. That by thinking anxiously about the future, they forget the present, such that they live in neither the present nor the future. That they live as if they will never die and die as though they had never lived. God bless!

1517. It is madness to hate all roses because you got scratched with one thorn, to give up on your dreams because one didn't come true, to lose faith in prayers because one was not answered, to give up on our efforts because one of them failed, to condemn all your friends because one betrayed you, not to believe in love because someone was unfaithful or didn't love you back, to throw away all your chances to be happy because you didn't succeed on the first attempt. I hope that as you go on your way, you don't give in nor give up!

1518. A child in the farm looks up, sees a plane fly overhead and dreams of a faraway place. A traveler in the plane looks down, sees the farm house and dreams of home. That's life, you'll never realize the value of a thing unless it moves away from you. So be happy and start enjoying what you have now.

1519. Three things in life when gone never come back: time, words and opportunity. Three things in life that should never be lost: peace, hope and honesty. Three things in life that are most valuable: love, faith and prayer. Three things in life that are never certain: dreams, success and fortune. Three things in life that make a person: hardwork, sincerity and commitment. Three things in life that can destroy a person: lust, pride and anger. Three things that are truly constant: change, death and God. Good evening!

1520. Carrying a lantern into a forest night doesn't guarantee you'll see all the trees, it only means that you can see a few steps ahead of you, far enough to keep your footing sure. Likewise, as the Lord lights your path, He may not shine all the answers to the shadowy questions in your mind, but He will give you all the light you need to scale life's obstacles with confidence and agility.

1521. Whenever you make me smile, I never miss to put it somewhere in my heart and if ever I find myself lonely, I would scan my heart to remind me of the times I felt important because of you. Take care!

1522. A beautiful story. A girl asked a boy, "Do you think I'm pretty?" He answered, "No." She asked, "Do you want to be with me forever?" He said, "No." She asked, "Do you like me?" The boy said no. She then asked, "If I were to leave you, would you cry?" and again, he replied, "No." She had heard enough. As she walked away, tears streaming down her face, the boy caught up with her and said, "You are not pretty, you are beautiful. I don't want to be with you, I need to be with you. I don't like you, I love you, and the moment you leave, I won't cry, I will die."

1523. If ever I'll be gone tomorrow, hope you won't forget the things I did for you even if it's not enough to satisfy you, I just want you to know that in every single thing I did, I've been a true person to you.

1524. You are someone who has always made me feel special. That I still have my worth no matter how unperfect I am. I feel so blessed that I can say, I met my angel even before reaching heaven.

1525. A heartbreak isn't always as loud as a bomb exploding. Sometimes, it could be as quiet as a feather falling, and the most painful thing is, nobody hears it except you!

1526. Kung kuntento ka na sa taong mahal mo, maaayos mo itong letters na ito in 3 words. "EYEMULTOEMPOC" Kapag hindi mo nasagot, means, hindi ka marunong magmahal. Buuin mo, wait ko ha! Note: Answer is YOU COMPLETE ME.

1527. Tulala na ako sa kakaisip sa iyo. Magdamag hindi makatulog sa kakahintay ng text mo. Sabog ako buong araw dahil wala ka sa tabi ko. Anong buhay ito? Addict ako sa iyo. Magkano ba ang isang gramo ng panahon mo?

1528. Kung ikaw ang magsisilbing kandila sa dilim, hindi kita sisindihan! Mas gugustuhin ko pang maglakad sa dilim at matinik kasama ka, kesa makarating ako sa liwanag pero wala ka na!

1529. Isang araw, pwedeng mawala ang pag-ibig na iniingatan mo. Lahat ng saya, mauuwi na lang sa alaala. Lahat ng pangarap, hindi na matutupad. Pero ganun daw talaga, hindi lahat ng hawak mo, sa iyo na!

1530. Mahirap ipaubaya ang minamahal sa iba. Lalo na kapag alam mong hindi mo kaya kapag wala sya. Pero mas lalong mahirap kapag alam mong kayo nga, pero iba naman pala ang nasa puso nya. =(

1531. Hindi ko alam kung bakit ako ganito. Hindi ko alam kung anong ginawa mo. Hindi ko alam kung bakit ikaw ang pinili ko. Pero ito lang ang alam kong totoo. Ikaw lang ang pinahalagahan ko ng ganito!

1532. Minsan, gusto nating sabihing masaya tayo, pero anumang pilit nating maging masaya, hahanapin pa rin natin ang isang bagay na nagpapasaya sa atin. Ewan ko kung ano sa iyo. Sa akin kasi, "Ikaw!"

1533. Hindi madaling maghintay, hindi rin biro magmahal, minsan, akala mo, sya na, minsan, akala mo, ok na. Pero mamamalayan mo na lang, dumaan lang sya para paibigin ka.

1534. Masakit daw umibig, palagi ka raw iiyak, palagi ka raw aasa at maghihintay sa wala. Ganun lang yun dahil kung hindi ka masasaktan, hindi mo malalamang nagmamahal ka na pala.

1535. Minsan, hindi sapat na mahal mo ang isang tao at alam mo na mahalaga ka para sa kanya. Kasi, bago ang lahat, dapat, alam mo ang pinagkaiba ng mahal sa mahalaga lang!

1536. o-0-o Magtataho, top view! Panibagong trend na naman ito!

1537. ) Ginupit na kuko!

1538. (||||||) Gilid ng piso! Side view.

1539. Ano ba ang silbi ko sa iyo? Panakip butas? Huwag mo naman akong itapon kung saan-saan na parang basura. Dahil sa ginawa mo, pinandidirihan ako ng lahat! - Modess.

1540. Quote of the day. Walang malayong kulangot sa mahabang kuko! Hope it touched your life.

1541. Naglalakad ang mag-ama sa siyudad at nakakita ng eroplano. Anak: Tay! Krus! Ang laking krus! Tatay: (binatukan ang anak) Nakita mo nang krus eh! Lumuhod tayo!

1542. Quote for a lifetime: Ang buhay ay parang ako... Masarap!

1543. Even if you have special someone, even if you have other circle of friends, yet, still kulang pa rin di ba? Shocks! Syempre naman. Iba pa rin kapag may "kukote" sa buhay mo.

1544. May isang manok na ubod ng libog. Sa farm, lahat pinatos nya. Baboy, bibe, kambing, pati na rin baka. Kaya sabi ng mga hayop sa manok, "Hay naku manok, mangisay ka sana sa sobrang libog mo!" Isang araw, nakita ng mga hayop ang manok na nakahandusay sa lupa at nangingisay. Hayop: Buti nga sa iyo! Mamatay ka sa libog! Manok: Mga ulol! Hintayin nyo ako! Pagkatapos ko dito sa langgam, yari kayo sa akin!

1545. Minsan, sa buhay ko, nagmahal ako at niloko. Ngayon, bumabalik sya. Well, akala nya, mahal ko pa sya?! Marunong din akong maglaro noh! Leche sya. Ako ang hinamon nya? Pagsabay-sabayin ko pa sila.

1546. Student formula: Konting basa + kopya + kodigo + konting sipsip = PASADO!

1547. Nung mahalin kita, daig ko pa ang natrapik sa EDSA. I can't move on! Oh yeah! Hahaha!

1548. Bumibili: (pasigaw) pabili pong Safeguard!!! Tindera: Huwag kang sumigaw, hindi ako bingi! Ano bang Sim Card? Globe o Smart? =)

1549. Hindi lahat ng green ay masustansya. - plema.

1550. Gumawa si Erap ng letter gamit ang alphabet: ABC = always be careful. DEF = don't ever forget. GHI = go home immediately. JKLM = just keep loving me. NOPQRSTUVW = no one perfectly quite romantic shall treat u very well. Worry si Erap, kasi, 3 letra na lang natitira. Kaya isinulat nya: XYZ - Xee You Zoon!

1501, 1526-1532, 1543: Anonymous (+63920240***0)
1502-1513, 1533-1540: Asha (+63917898***7)
1514-1520: Madame J (+63928625***8)
1521-1525, 1545: Joy (+63910727***1)
1541: Abet (+63917866***0)
1542: 2Phe (+63910863***8)
1544, 1550: Eroica
1546: Zephyr (+63926688***5)
1547: Tsina
1548: Arnel
1549. Mikmik

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