Oct 4, 2006

text messages 861 - 900

861. If two hearts are meant to be friends, no matter how long it takes, how far they go, how tough it seems, God will bring them together to share friendship forever! Nice morning!

862. God gives us a loving spirit so we can be better persons; not just gifted with a mind that understands but with a heart that truly cares. Good morning!

863. Life is hard but He provides. Life is unpredictable but He guides. Life is unfair but He cares. Life is always a challenge but He watches over us. Good evening!

864. When your life goes wrong, don't waste your time looking back at what you've lost for the road of life was not meant to be travelled backwards, just move on and say, "I'm with God, I will get through."

865. Blind folded and walking alone, that's what most of us feel. In a lifetime full of major risks and decisions, it might seem safer to remain stagnant. But isn't it more fulfilling if despite the fear of falling from a cliff and bruised knees, steps were taken? In the end, losing and mistakes won't count. What matters most is the person we turned out to be. Not naive, but wise and beautifully molded by experiences. Good evening.

866. Rain. Friends. Smiles. Work. Dreams. Sunshine. Wind. Joy. Blue sky. Tears. Words. Reasons. People. Family. Life. You. Just counting my blessings! Good evening!

867. What is the secret of success? "Right Decisions" How do you make right decisions? "Experience" How do you get experience? "Wrong Decisions" =)

868. I'm a person easily overwhelmed by the wonders this world can give. But I would leave all these just to laugh my heart out over cups of coffee on lazy days like this with someone like you! Good morning!

869. Rowing hard doesn't help if the boat is heading the wrong direction. Entrust your life to God and let Him steer it according to His plan and purpose.

870. Lord, when I lose hope because my plans have come to nothing, help me remember that Your love is always greater than my disappointments and Your plans for my life is always better than my dreams.

871. If you're falling for someone pero natatakot kang masaktan, makinig ka. If you're into it, why not? Huwag mong isipin kung saan ka babagsak, malay mo, yung makasalo sa iyo ay yung taong para sa iyo talaga!

872. Kapag masaya ka, masaya rin ako! Kapag bad trip ka, bad trip din ako! Kapag malungkot ka, malungkot din ako! Kapag nasasaktan ka, nasasaktan din ako! Bakit?! Wala lang! Coincidence.

873. I opened the door of your heart and saw that it was full, so full! I couldn't enter anymore. I closed the door and stood outside thinking, "Ang daming pangit, nakakaOP!" =)

874. Erap at Starbucks. Erap: Waiter, isang kape nga! Waiter: Sir, decaf ho ba? Erap: Syempre! Bobo! Lahat ng kape, de cup! Bakit, may nakaplato ba?!

875. Mommy: Ang anak ko? Gifted child ito noh? Sige nga anak, i-prove mo sa kanila. 5268 + 982 + 7605 + 863. What is the sum? Child: The sum is... the center of the solar system! =)

876. Quote for the day: "Kung kaya ng iba, ipagawa mo sa kanya!"

877. A sad love story. Bf: Huhuhu! Gf: Huhu! Bf: Huhu Huhu! Gf: Huhuhuhu! Bf: Hu hu huhuhu! Gf: Huhu hu! Bf: Huhuhuhuhu! Gf: huhu Bf: Huhuhu! Gf: Huhu! How sad! =(

878. Boy-1: Tanungin mo ako ng English, sasagutin kita ng Spanish. Boy-2: What is more important, heart or mind? Boy-1: Spanish.

879. A Chinese caught his wife and her lover in 69 position. The Chinese poked a gun at the man and said, "Kaya pala wala ako anak, ako lagay sperm, ikaw sipsip!" Ewww!

880. Thought of the day: "Lahat ng problema, may solusyon. Kapag walang solusyon, huwag mo nang problemahin." =)

881. The word "miss" is also part of the word "love". So, when someone says, "I miss you!" it also means that they love you! Now, why did I text you? Simply because... may load ako.

882. "Alam mo, balang araw, magiging presidente yang si mayor. Itataya ko itong p*ki ko!" - Cherry Pie Picache in Twilight Dancers.

883. All desirable things in life are either illegal, banned, fattening, or taken na! Parang wala nang choice kundi magkasala! Hehehe.

884. Punyeta ka! Pengeng french fries!!! Show this at any McDonald's branch and get a free regular french fries. Promo ends till Dec 31, 2006 per DTI NCR permit # 100303.

885. Sino ang dapat gumanap na Bakekang? Si Sunshine Dizon ba? O si Mike Enriquez??

886. Students talking. FEU: Your tuition, it's just my allowance for a week. La Salle: Your tuition is just my allowance for a day. UP: Yeah! Pero final exam nyo, seatwork lang namin!

887. Hirap ng buhay! Husband: Ano ang almusal natin? Wife: Nasa mesa. Bahala ka nang pumili! Husband: Isang tuyo?! Anong pagpipilian ko? Wife: Mamili ka, "Meal or No Meal"!!!

888. Some say that as women grow older, they begin to live a PIOUS life. Pa'yos ng eyes. Pa'yos ng nose. Pa'yos ng face. Pa'yos ng boobs. Pa'yos ng bilbil. Ayos na ang lahat!

889. Masarap daw umibig. May honey, sweetie, gummy bears, cupcake, sugar at marshmallows pa! Hmm... masarap pala! Bakit may umiiyak pa?! Ahh.. siguro kasi, sumakit ang ngipin nila!

890. A toy, a leaf. A toy, a leaf... A toy a leafin mo kahit hindi batid. Aaminin ko minsan ako'y manhid!

891. Inside motel after sex, iyak si babae. Man: Huwag kang umiyak, pupunta tayo sa inyo, pakakasalan kita. Woman: Paano kung hindi pumayag ang mister ko?

892. Teenager: Lola, pupunta lang kami sa tipar. Lola: Anong tipar? Teenager: Party! Lola: Puro salitang kalye ang alam nyo! Mga P.S. kayo! Teenager: Anong P.S. lola? Lola: Pakin Shet! =)

893. Sa probinsya. Bisita: Tatang, naiinom po ba yung tubig dito? Tatang: Nasa iyo yan anak, kung gusto mong nguyain. May point sya! Hahaha!

894. Live fully, have fun, be crazy, be weird, go out and syempre, manlalaki! Don't try to be perfect, just be an excellent example of being maganda! Go dioza!

895. Lasing: Ipako ang mga bakla! Bakla: Takbo mga sister, takbo! Lasing: Ang gagamiting pako ay t*ti! Bakla: Balik mga sister! P*tang ina! Balik!!!

896. Love story ng pokpok at addict. Adik: Will you marry me? Pokpok: Oo, pero ok lang ba sa iyo kahit meron akong past? Adik: Oo, ok lang! Wala naman akong future eh! Hehehe.

897. Sa pag-ibig, lahat tayo, may diskarte. Yung iba, words. Yung iba, actions. Eh ikaw, anong diskarte mo? Basta ako, "Atras si Kris, abante ako!!!"

898. Want to hear a fairy tale? Once upon a time, Cinderella was so horny. So, she put Pinnochio's nose between her legs and shouted, "Magsinungaling ka, bilis!" Hehehe.

899. Si baby centipede, lumapit kay papa centipede. Bumulong, nahimatay si papa centipede. Ano kaya ang sinabi ng anak? Sagot: Pa, bilhan mo naman ako ng Havaianas!

900. Kung may problema ka, huwag kang magpapakamatay. Isipin mo, kabaong - 10000, burol - 3500, libing - 5000, kape at biskwit - 1500. Kaya kapag may problema ka, itext mo ako. Red horse - 25 lang!

861-863, 874: Joan
864-868: Abet (+63917866***0)
869-873: Deejayz
875-885: Erica
886-890: Tekla
891-898: Anonymous (+63918613***0)
899-900: Carlo (+639228149229)

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