Mar 23, 2009

text messages 3786 - 3815

3786. Anagrams... What happens if we rearrange the Letters of the following words? Let's see...

DORMITORY - dirty room
DESPERATION - a rope ends it
THE EYES - they see
ASTRONOMER - moon starer
MOTHER-IN-LAW - woman hitler
ELEVEN PLUS TWO - twelve plus one
ELECTION RESULTS - lies, lets recount
Amazing isnt it?!รถ,

3787. "An old man once told his grandson: 'A terrible fight is going on inside me. A fight between two wolves. One is evil, it represents hate and anger. The other wolf is good, it represents empathy, love and compassion. This fight that's going on inside me, is inside every other person too, even you' The grandson then asked: 'Which wolf will win? The old man replied: ' It's the one that you always feed. Keep that in mind!

3788. 10 Ways to love people....1.listen without interrupting.(Prov18) 2.speak without accusing.(James1:19) 3.give without sparing.(Prov21:26)
4.pray without ceasing.(Colossians1:9) 5.answer without arguing.(Prov17:1) 6.share without pretending.(Ephesians4:15) 7.enjoy without complaint.(Philippians2:14) without wavering.(Corinthians13:7) 9.forgive without punishing (Colossians3:13) 10.promise w/o forgetting. (Prov13:12). . .GOD BLESS....

3789. Our minds gather the dirt and dust of human opinion everyday... but God's words are Like waterfalls that wash and purify our hearts & minds...God bless...

3790. The heart that has a firm faith is not frightened by obstacles 'coz it knows well that God loves and does not abandon those who trust in God!
- Good m0rning-

3791. Life is a constant battle for survival...and as we grow older, the rules change on daily basis. Our mission is not to escape, But to survive; Not to deal with triumph, But to deal with failure; Not to run away fr0m fear, But to master it. It takes courage to keep on fighting. So, if you feel like rules have shifted one step higher, deal it with greater faith and never ever surrender. God is on our side. He will never leave us nor forsake us.

3792. Quote of the day: "Before you ask questions..Think about whether you really like to know the answers.." Good morning! :)

3793. According to Mike Murdock's Law of Recognition, Everything you need is already in your life, merely awaiting your recognition of it. Anything unrecognized remains uncelebrated by you. Anything you refuse to celebrate eventually exits your life- a Gift, a Miracle or a Person. Don't miss that chance. look around.. appreciate.. do and say what you feel. thank God.. :)

3794. What you want is not always what you get, but in the end, what you get is better than what you wanted. The LORD "satisfies your desires with good things.." (Ps.103:5) Good Morning!!

I. Faith is the ability not to panic:
2. If you worry, you didn't pray much. If you pray,don't worry much.
3. Do the math, count your blessings.
4. GOD wants spiritual truths, not religious nuts.
5. Laugh everyday. It's like inner jogging.
6. Growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional.
7. Silence is often misinterpreted but never misquoted.
8. There is no key to happiness, for the door is always open. Good Afternoon!

3796. SEVEN RULES TO BE HAPPY: 1. Never hate. 2. Don't worry. 3. Live simple. 4. Expect little. 5. Give a lot. 6. Always smile. 7. Have Jesus in your heart!! God speed..:)

3797. An 8 year old kid once said... "Love is when someone hurt you and you got mad but you didn't yell at them 'coz you know, it would hurt their feelings too" Good morning!

3798. I've learned that to be kind is more important than to be right! That sometimes what a person need is not a BRILLIANT MIND that SPEAKS... but a PATIENT HEART that LISTENS! Good morning!

3799. Always keep your optimism... After all.. No one has ever damaged his eyesight by looking at the brighter side of life..

3800. Life has its best.. pains,failure & everything.. But its natural, its God's way to teach us how to make.. one step higher, after we fall.

3801. When I was younger and naive.. I thought that life is just black and white, yes or no, right or wrong. If you open your mind, you'll realize that life is more of gray... maybe... in between. Life is no straight road ahead.. it's more of dangerous curves and unexpected detours.. Live life to the fullest. Enjoy life. Don't talk shit. Take risks. Expect the unexpected. Fight to win... But learn to accept defeat...God bless! =)

3802. "If the jeepney doesn't move... start walking!" hahaha! nonsense? Here's the message: stop complaining, do something c",) Good night!

3803. Time can heal all wounds, time can give you another chance, time can help you forget, time can let you move on, but...time can never give back what was lost..

3804. "Keep in mind that we should always thank those who hurt us, specially those who did so bad, we are forced to transform. They risk the eternal verdict of going to hell just to make us better than who we are." -Tyra BAnks

3805. An inspiring fact to bear in mind: Mathematics may not teach us to breathe oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, or to love a friend and to forgive an enemy, but it gives us every reason to hope that every problem has a solution.

3806. If you see a good looking guy na magaling pumorma at maarte sa katawan, metro sexual yan...isang metro na lang, homosexual na yan! HAHAHA!

3807. I need inspiration, not commitment. Tagalog: Kailangan ko ng gwapo, hindi boypren. -hahaha! :)

3808. Boyfriend: Last night on our anniversary, my girlfriend demanded I take her some place expensive... So, I took her to a gas station. Nagalet siya, mali ba yung ginawa ko? O dapat sa bigasan ko na lang sya dinala? :-D

3809. Be practical! so...if your suitor will ask you what you want, chocolate?
flower? stuffed toy? necklace? Oh! c'mon! be practical! Bigas Girl.. Bigas:-)hEhEhe!

3810. LIFE's CYCLE: 3-8 years old: paramihan ng toys, 9-18 years old: pataasan ng grades, 19-25: padamihan ng jowa, 26-35: pagandahan ng asawa, 36-45: palakihan ng income, 46-55: padamihan, pagandahan, at pabataan ng kabit, 56-70; padamihan ng sakit, 71-above: pabonggahan ng libing, hahaha.. =)

3811. May oras na darating na kailanganng palayain ang isang lalake, di dahil ayaw mo na sa kanya, kundi alam mong mas sasaya siya kung hahayaan mo syang magmahal sa kapwa nya lalake :-D

3812. Jr: I know the truth, Mom! Mom: Ha?! Ito P500, huwag ka lang maingay sa daddy mo ha? Jr: Dad, I know the truth! Dad: Ha?! Ito P1000, huwag ka lang maingay sa mommy mo ha! Jr: (Ok pala ito! Subukan ko nga din sa katulong namin.) Inday! Alam ko na ang katotohanan! Inday: Sa wakas! Yakapin mo ako, anak ko!

3813. Para sa makulit, pero mabait. Para sa sabog, pero kalog. Para sa mapang-asar, pero thoughtful. Para sa maloko, pero cute. Para sa akin pala ito?! Pakisend nga ulit!

3814. Noon... Maraming babae and hindi maganda. Ngayon... Maraming maganda pero hindi naman babae. Hehehe...Good Evening!!

3815. Paano kung sinabihan ka ng CRUSH mo na..." Alam mo tumataba ka, bumibilog at unti-unti kang nagiging mundo ko." Magda-diet ka pa ba? Oh ha! :)


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