Dec 23, 2008

text messages 3666-3685

3666. Life itself is a challenge that we ought to face. You lose some, you win some, but if you never give up, you will discover that sacrifices have the greatest rewards! Merry Christmas!!!

3667. Pray that your loneliness may spill you into finding something to live for... Which would be great enough to die for. Enjoy the rest of the day... Merry Christmas!!!

3668. A morning smile will recharge you with tireless energy to go through the way. Let GOD's providence be a reminder that HE prepared the best for you today. Merry Christmas!!!!

3669. Praise God for a beautiful morning, it may not be an easy day but HIS guidance and love will enable us to push through despite all odds! May you have a wonderful Christmas!!!

3670. When we wake up in the morning we have two simple choices. Go back to sleep and dream. Or, wake up and chase those dreams. Merry Christmas!!

3671. You'll never find a perfect friend in me 'coz what makes me human is my imperfection. But that's for sure, I'll be your friend as long as I live although not perfect but real. Wishing you a Happy Christmas my friend!

3672. In this life, you can't avoid gossip and unkind words from others. Whatever you do, you will never please everyone. Remember, if you weren't worth anything, they wouldn't bother. Have a blessed Christmas!!!

3673. No one will manufacture a knob without a key. Similarly, God won't give us problems without solutions. I hope you can find the right key every time you encounter the door locked. Merry Christmas!!!

3674. A strong person is not the one who doesn't cry. A strong person is the one who knows how to be quiet and shed a tear for a moment and then picks up his sword and fight again. Merry Christmas!!!

3675. God has given us two gifts; One is choice and the other one is chance. Choice is to select a good one and chance is to have the best one. Merry Christmas!!!

3676. Do what makes you happy, life is not based on the money you got and the success you've achieved. It's all about being happy with who you are, who you are with, who you've got, who you love and who makes your life worth living. Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas!!

3677. God is wise because every time we sleep He lets us dream beautiful things but He is even wiser 'coz He lets us wake up every morning to give us the chance to fulfill those dreams. Good Morning!! Merry Christmas!!!

3678. May God put you on his lap tonight and take all the tiredness and pain that you had brought by the busy day and may you sleep well under his care. Merry Christmas!!!

3679. Lord please bless my friends who are reading this. Huwag sana silang mag expect ng gift sa akin this Christmas. Please touch their heart and remind them that it's better to give than to received. Amen!! Advance Happy New Year!!!

3680. God's hand is upon you today. Touching your life with joy, blessing your heart with love and comforting yourself with peace. Smile and be Happy! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

3681. Sa New Year, wak ikaw suot ng polka dots, kasi sign lang ito ng barya. Ikaw suot Rectangle para symbol ng Tseke... pero wak ikaw tatalon para hindi siya talbog. Okey? Hahahaha!!! Happy New Year!!!

3682. Anak: Nay! Iyong classmate ko sinisilip ang panty ko! Inay: Bastos yon ah! Ano ginawa mo? Anak: Eh di inalis ko ang panty ko at tinago sa bag para di nya makita! Gandang Umaga!

3683. Bata: Ate 'pag wala ka ba tenga maghihikaw ka? Ate: Syempre hindi. Bata: Eh kapag wala kang daliri magsisingsing ka ba? Ate: Syempre hindi rin... Bata: Eh bakit ka nagbabra? Ate: Pakyu!!! Nyahahahahaha!!!

3684. Pag balisa ka "try to relax" Pag inis ka "smile ka lang". Pag may problem "pray" at kapag wala kang pera "isipin mo ako" kasi di ka nag-iisa, wala din kasi akong pera. Gandang Umaga!!!

3685. Advantage at disadvantage ng may asawa....Advantage: Pag kailangan mo, nandiyan agad. Disadvantage: Pag ayaw mo na... nandiyan pa din. Hahahaha!!!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!!!


3673; Cheray(0928735***5)
3676; Ryan(0918512***1)
3677-3679; Donser(0929221***7)
3680; Tam(0915310***7)
3681,3685; Ariel Sampaga(0277001010***2)

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