Nov 8, 2008

text messages 3596-3615

3596. A candle is a lovely thing. It makes no noise at all but quietly and unselfishly gives itself away with a flame of kindness…just like you! Good Evening!!!

3597. Life may lead us to different roads, meeting new people and learning new things. But one thing is for sure I will never forget the road where I met you! God Bless! =)

3598. No one in this world can dictate to you where you can be happy. If you know where and what it is…go for it. Just remember: Happiness is not a destiny, it’s a choice. Good Morning!!!

3599. I believe everything happens for a reason. People change so that you learn to let go. Things go wrong so that you learn to appreciate them when they are right. You believe less so eventually you trust no one but yourself. And sometimes, good things fall apart co better things can fall together. – Marlyn Monroe

3600. Never let go of anyone that you couldn’t go a day without thinking about. There just might be a very good reason why they’re always on your mind. Sometimes it’s the brain that knows too well what the heart tries so hard to deny.

3601. God is like the sun; we cannot look at it, but without it we cannot see anything else. God Bless! Good Morning!

3602. “It is amazing to realize that living in simplicity gives true contentment. We go as we come into this world. And in the end, nothing is ours to keep.”

3603. LEARN to trust the perfect time so that we may discover that all the pain found in waiting has a magnificent and awesome purpose. And when that time comes, it will all be worth it, and then we’ll forget that we ever waited. God Bless! Good Morning!!

3604. “A woman can get a man’s trust, but not its loyalty. A man can get the loyalty of a woman but never its trust”. Make sense right?

3605. Your mom should be the most wanted woman on earth ‘coz she stole two stars and put them in your eyes. You have very beautiful eyes.

3606. A gang decided to rob a bank; they opened every vault and found no money, only cups of yogurt. They ate all the yogurt. Next day, CNN news: BIGGEST SPERM BANK ROBBED!"

3607. A parrot swallows a Viagra tablet. His disgusted owner puts him in the freezer too cool off. Later when he opened the freezer, he found the parrot sweating!" how come you’re sweating? "he asks the parrot replied" Do you know how fucking hard is it to open the legs of a frozen chicken? hahahaha!

3608. I admit, I’m the one who loosen the rope to set you free. Now I want you back! I tried to pull the rope, but you don't even want me to touch it...I know it was my fault but would you please lower your pride. I really want you back!
-inday nag emote kasi nawala ang baboy!

3609. Heard you was great at algebra. Can u please. Substitute my x?
Nice sir noh? hehhehe...

3610. In a hotel elevator man accidentally elbows LADYS breast.
Man: if you’re heart is as soft as your breast, you will forgive me.
LADY: if your bird is as hard as your elbow I’m in room 112..hahahha!...Good Morning!

3611. IDOT: Kamusta n? Long time no see ah?
BINO: Karating ko lng galing Africa.
IDOT: Africa?
BONI: Dun kami nadestino.
IDOT: Hindi b maraming cannibals dun?
BONI: Nak2takot nga pero mga edukado n ngaun sila.
IDOT: Hindi n b cla kumakain ng tao?
IDOT: Nangangain p rin ng tao pero gumagamit n cla ng kutsara.

3612. FILIPINO CLASS – Guro: Juan magbigay ng pangungusap na may tayutay. Juan: Ahem.. “ang tatay ay nadapa. Tayu tay! tayu tay!

3613. Angelina: Yaya, nakakita ka na ba ng elepanteng nagtatago sa highway? Yaya: Hindi pa, ikaw? Angelina: Nagtatago nga eh! You’re so tanga yaya, you’re such a loser! =p

3614. Ngongo and wife making love: Ngongo: Mukha mo mapute! Wife: Hindi naman ah! Ngongo: Mukha mo mapute! Wife: Di nga sabi maputi eh! Ngongo Shouting: Ang sabi ko MUKHA MO MAPUTE!!! (anak nagising) Anak: Ma! Ang sabi ni Papa, IBUKA MO MABUTI, naman istorbo!!

3615. Lito: Pare, ano ba ang kaibahan ng H20 sa C02? Jose: Diyos ko naman! Di mo baa lam iyon?! Ang H20 ay water! At ang C02… Cold Water!!! Hahahaha


3596-3596:Abet Basey(0917866***0)
3605:Ejiro Kakache from Negeria(234703405***8)
3606-3610:Grace Manubag(shark_******
3615:Ariel Sampaga(0277001010***2)


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