Apr 14, 2007

text messages 2151 - 2200

2151. May God impart His richest blessings unto our heart. Love that keeps His presence near and faith that conquers doubt and fear. Good morning!

2152. Many times, we do not have all the answers to why things happen. Nonetheless, we must continue to walk by faith. Instead of looking for explanations, we can pause and listen to the Father's voice saying, "Trust Me."

2153. Life's battle don't always go to the stronger or faster ones, because sooner or later, the one who wins is the one who's heartbeat says, "With God, I can!" Good morning!

2154. Those who appear in your life, whether to help or to harm, are all given by God. Meet all of them with a peaceful heart, but with a warrior's spirit. You will fail many times, but in failing, you will learn, and in learning, you will find your way. God bless!

2155. God give gifts of love thru people like you. May all your days be as special as the memories you create in the hearts of those you touch and cared for.

2156. God will shower you graces more than you expected, simply because you never asked for them. It's the people around you, like me, who wished them for you. Happy Easter!

2157. Praying for you is my way of saying, "You are dear to me." I ask God to pour what's best for you and what will make you happy, today and everyday. Good morning!

2158. There are things we regret - words we wish had gone unsaid, starts that had bitter endings, chances we threw away, roads we should've never taken, signs we didn't see, hearts we hurt needlessly, and wounds we wish we could mend. But life gets that much harder, the past can't be rewritten but it can make you stronger. Be thankful for every change life has thrown you, for every break in your heart, for every scar. Some pages were turned, some bridges were burned, but you had lessons learned. Good morning!

2159. Never get discouraged when things do not measure to your expectations. Always remember that the greatest glory in life is not winning but rising everytime we fall!

2160. Everything that happened once may never happen again. But everything that happens twice will sure happen the third time. - Arab Proverb. Think about it.

2161. The heart remembers all special moments when kindness made the difference. May the kindness you often give return to you in countless special ways. Good night!

2162. The most hurtful kind of lies are the ones delivered by the people you care about the most. It makes you doubt everything you know and makes you wonder why you care so much and worst of all, it puts you in the position of deciding whether to tell them you know they're lying or act like you're too dull to even know the difference. Keep this in mind the next time you lie to someone who cares about you, because more often than not, they know and it hurts a lot!

2163. Words to live by: Just say what you mean and mean what you say. Don't expect someone to read your mind and don't play games with heads or hearts. Don't tell half truths and expect trust.

2164. Silence doesn't always mean yes, it may also mean no but it's better left unsaid. Anger doesn't always mean hatred, it could just be a means of coping with. Laughter doesn't always mean happiness, sometimes, it is just a mask. Tears doesn't always mean sorrow, it may also be an outlet of joy. Staying away doesn't always mean it's the end, it may also mean the best beginning. And life, though it's so complex, is always beautiful. See life on the other side.

2165. Value persons while you still have them. Because you'll never know till when they will stay in your life. You may get tired of having them, but at least be thankful they never get tired of having you.

2166. A friend is never a coincidence in your life, they are meant to enter your life to bring you joy and laughter, that's why I'll treasure the friendship between us. Thanks a lot!

2167. Friendship? It's about laughing at same things. It's about really being understood. It's about unconditional acceptance. It's about picking up where you left off. It's simply about us.

2168. Love should be stronger than pride. So when you love someone, tell them and never let go. Because love is a gift, not an obligation. Follow your heart and always love the person you really love.

2169. We have to realize that love is not enough to make a relationship work. We need trust, respect, time, effort and total commitment. If a person doesn't show respect, doesn't earn your trust and can't keep a promise, then no matter how many times they say, "I love you," those words will be empty. Take time to listen to what they don't say. Take time to look at what they don't show. Because there are secrets hidden beneath their words. So don't let passion but wisdom decide for you. Love wisely because it is never easy to love and get hurt.

2170. Sometimes, the risk of letting go is the only incredible thing one could do to know who's willing enough to look stupid just to come back.

2171. Sometimes, we just got to stop crying, get out of bed, fix our hair, get out and look pretty. You may or may not pretend to be over him, but just keep in mind that he just unhooked the biggest fish he has ever caught! =D - Carrie Bradshaw.

2172. This hurts: "Should I smile because we're friends? or should I cry because that's all we'll ever be?"

2173. Scientists have proven that human minds are linked with each other thru neuron activities. So, if you're thinking of someone all day long without any reason at all, that person is probably thinking of you too, in any sense. - Time Magazine (Fiction to Reality)

2174. It is not destiny that determines love, it is choice. Our so-called destiny is a lie. Relationships last long not because they're destined to last long. Relationships last long because two brave people made a choice - to keep it, to fight for it, and to work for it. Meanwhile, other relationships fail not because they're destined to fail. They failed because one of the two, or both, made the choice - to set each other free.

2175. The minute you think of giving up, think of the reasons why you held on so long.

2176. Two men were drinking in a bar. One insults the other saying, "I slept with your mother." No response from the other. "I slept with your mother." Whole bar is quiet now. The other man responded, "You are drunk already, let's go home, Dad."

2177. Terrorists kidnapped 10 BIR examiners and demanded P10 million or else they will burn them with gasoline. Please help with donation, I donated 100 liters.

2178. Three important stars in your life: 1. Party like a rock star. 2. Look like a movie star, and most importantly, 3. F*ck like a porn star! :D Awooo! Yeaba!

2179. Words of wisdom: Marriage is a relationship between two people in which one person is always right, and the other is the husband.

2180. A successful relationship requires falling in love many times with the same person, in different rooms, different bed, different positions. Huh? Ano daw??

2181. Question: What is the new definition of old age? Answer: It is when you see someone sexy and the only thing it arouses is your memory!

2182. Dog owner sent his dog to Obedience School. When dog returned, he wanted to see what it learned. Owner: Roll! (The dog didn't roll.) Shake! (The dog didn't shake.) Sit! (Still nothing.) He bring back dog to trainor. Trainor: Siguro sir, hindi nyo sinabi ng tama. Pakita ko sa iyo sir. Set! (Dog sat.) Sheek! (Dog shook hand.) Rule! (Dog rolled.)

2183. Dalawang kambal, nag-uusap sa sinapupunan: Kambal1: Anong gusto mo paglaki mo? Kambal2: Ako, gusto kong maging doktor. Para makatulong sa may sakit. Eh ikaw? Kabal1: Ako, gusto kong maging boksingero! Kambal2: Bakit naman? Kambal1: Boboksingin ko yung kalbong labas-masok dito, dinuduraan pa tayo!

2184. Inday: Huhu! Ate, si Kuya po, hinalikan ako kahapon! Misis: (bwisit) Hmp! O, ngayon?! Inday: Ngayon po? Ay, hindi pa po. Wala pa ngayon.

2185. Ang angel daw, palaging nasa tabi mo. Hindi ka iiwan hanggang huli, kaya lang, taga heaven daw sila. Huh?! Paano nangyari yun?! Eh taga-Batangas kaya ako!!

2186. Attorney: Nasaan ka ng mangyari ang rape? Suspect: Sa maisan. Attorney: Anong ginawa mo dun? Suspect: Tumae. Attorney: Ilang hakbang ka mula sa krimen? Suspect: Meron bang tumatae na pahakbang-hakbang?

2187. Ma'am: Class, sino ang gustong pumunta sa langit? (Lahat nagtaas ng kamay maliban kay Juan.) Ma'am: Bakit Juan, ayaw mo bang pumunta sa langit? Juan: Sabi kasi ni Nanay, uwi agad ako, gagabihin ba tayo?

2188. What's worse than finding a worm in the apple you are eating? Kapag nakita mong kalahati na lang yung worm! Hehehe.

2189. Kung pangarap mong mahalin ka ng isang taong mamahalin ka ng tunay at hindi ka lolokohin, itext mo si Prospero Pichay! Pangarap nyang tuparin yang pangarap mo!

2190. Bakit daw ang utak nasa ulo at ang puso ay nasa dibdib? Simple lang, pangit kasing tingnan kapag inlove ka eh tumitibok ang noo mo at ang laswa naman na kapag nag-iisip ka eh hinihimas mo ang dede mo! Ano kaya yun? Ampanget!

2191. Kahapon, nasaktan ako nang makita ko sya, di na nya kasi ako kilala pero nang tinitigan ko syang mabuti, narealize ko, hindi ko din pala sya kilala. Kaya pala!

2192. Kring..kring. Amo: Inday, sagutin mo nga yang phone at baka kabit ng sir mo yan! Inday: Si ate talaga oh! Pinapaselos ako! (Taray!)

2193. Kung ang taong gusto mo ay mayroon nang iba, tandaan lang ang "Continental Drift Theory." Kung ang pulo nga, naghihiwalay, tao pa kaya?! How inspiring! Mwahahaha!

2194. Just remember, take care of the one you love, if you don't, somebody else will! Good day!

2195. Guys, please don't vote for Joker, kasi, kaaway ko sya. Thanks! - Batman.

2196. Mahirap magmahal ng bago, darating ang panahon, maaalala mo yung isang mahal mo. Sino bang dapat? Yung present mong mabait? O yung ex mong sobrang sarap?? Ahahay!

2197. "All the bests are taken." - Isang napakalaking kahibangan! Dahil ako ay single! Hahaha! Good morning!

2198. Anong tawag mo sa maliit na nunal? - Ismole. Ano naman ang tawag mo sa nakakatakot na pekpek? - Isp*ki! Hahaha! (Spooky!)

2199. Kung kasalanan maging masarap, kung kasalanan maging kaakit-akit, "I'm sorry." :)

2200. Unrevealed truth about boys (Attitude sa pagtetext): Kapag nanliligaw: "Lunchtime na. Kain na ikaw. Huwag ka papagutom ha. Luv u." First 3 months mag-on: "Baby, kumain ka na? Kain ka na ha? Luv u." 4 to 8 months: "Baby, kakain muna ako, kain ka na rin. Luv u." 9 to 13 months: "Baby, gutom na ako. Kain muna ako." 14 months and above: "Eh sa hindi ako makapagreply dahil kumakain ako eh! Alangan namang kumakain yung tao tapos nagtetext nang nagtetext!" :)

2151, 2165, 2189: Tekla
2152-2153: Irish
2154-2155, 2163, 2166-2169: Joan
2156-2157: Abet (+63917866***0)
2158-2161, 2181-2184: Asha (+63917898***7)
2162, 2170-2180, 2190-2200: Eroica
2164: Arnel
2185-2188: Anonymous (+63920240***0)

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