Apr 1, 2009

text messages 3816 - 3840

3816. A nice thought: You've got to accept a little sorrow in life. You'll never really know what happiness is, unless you have something to compare it to. :)

3817. How was it to be unnoticed by the person you notice most?...it's as if you were offering your most beautiful portrait to a blind person.

3818. "Not everything that makes us happy is right..but for sure, there will come a time when everything that is right,will make us happy"..

3819. Like the rain can't be stopped from falling, God's love and blessing keep on pouring, I hope you woke up renewed, refreshed and comfort of his company. Good Morning. Have a nice day ahead!:)

3820. Life has great options,you don't always have to pick what seems best...sometimes,the best & the perfect aren't always what makes you happy...you may have chosen what seems to be a wrong decisi0n or caught in a not so good situation but at times,it is through them that our lives become better. :)

3821. A sweeter smile, A brighter day. Hope everything turns out great for you today!!! Good Morning! Have a nice day!

3822. EVENING comes to pack up all the EVENTS of the day, so... Leave your WORRIES behind & REST your body & mind let LOVE be in your HEART so you can sleep well tonight..

3823. May God's loving eyes keep watch as you go to sleep tonight. May His arms embrace you as you close your eyes & may His voice be a lullaby for you to have a peaceful night! :)

3824. Some people are sweet at first, always has time for you at first, serious at first, but why do people change after you love them so much? Maybe all romantic moment only happens at first and never last. =(

3825. God said: "Write your plans in pencil, but give me the eraser, I might have something better for you.." bless your heart.. Good morning!

3826. Once there was a composer who usually does & saves his composition on a laptop 1 day,a friend came & ask to use the laptop, unfortunately his friend broke down the unit felt sorry for all his compositions might be lost, but he said boastfully, "don't worry pare, I've got back-ups" he tried to open his back-up files, but an error occurred "the disk is n0t formatted,formatting will lost all saved data, format anyway?" moral: "back-ups doesn't always work the same way, like in a relationship, if you really love someone,love only her without reservation for she's vulnerable. Care for her, value her 'coz when she's gone, you might lost her forever & any back-ups you have can't replace her worth in any sense"

3827. When a song ends, you could just repeat it everytime you like. When the movie ends, you can just wait after the trailers to start it again. When the rain ends, sure it'll come back soon but when your relationship ended with the one you loved, you don't even know if you can rewind it, repeat it or hope for it to come back. There's nothing in this world that is stronger than love..

3828. Sadness has overcome us all either caused by a relative or close friend's death or from the one who broke our heart. We handle all situations differently, some good, some bad. But what makes us who we are is not defined by our times of happiness, but by our times of sadness.

3829. Tears are often the telescope of our soul by which men see far into heaven. -henry ward beecher

3830. If we are going to build walls around us to keep sadness out; also keeps out the joy - jim rohn

3831. If you want to remove wrinkles, pimples, face marks and the 7 signs of skin aging try....ADOBE PHOTOSHOP, hahaha!

3832. Hi! Please sms me your birth date & your families anniversary dates to update my calendar, so I'll know where I can eat out for free. It's all about planning for the recession! Hehe:-D

3833. Nagbalikbayan ang anak ni Karyo after 20 years sa Amerika. Isang umaga, nag-usap ang mag-ama: KARYO: John, marami akong ITINURO sa ating bagong maid.
BALIKBAYAN JOHN: Dad, please speak in English! KARYO: John, I fingered our new maid many times! hahaha!

3834. modern salawikains:
*Ang taong di marunong magmahal ng sariling wika, sa call center naglipana.
*Ang lalakeng nagigipit, sa bakla kumakapit.
*Aanhin pa ang damo kung meron namang bato?
*Kapag maiksi ang kumot, sa baby ipagamit.
*Papunta ka pa lang, sige ingat!
*Laging nasa huli ang pinakamatangkad.
*Pagmay usok, kawawa ang may hika.
*When the cat is away, sabihin mo lang "mingmingmiiing" para lumapit.
*Sa hinabahaba ng prosisyon, ayun traffic!

3835. ARA: Tumakas ka na! Darating na ang asawa ko, diyan ka na lang sa bintana dumaan! Daliii! BOY: Ano ka? Baka nalimutan mo nasa ika l3th floor tayo! ARA: Gago! Huwag kang maniwala dun! Pamahiin lang yun!

3836. "Pano makakabuo kung hindi ako papatong sayo" Lego
"Bakit mo ako binibitin kung kelan kainitan at basang-basa ako"- Sinampay
"Painitin mo ako.. Kailangan kong pumutok para ako'y matikman at ika'y masarapan"- PopcOrn..o ang mga utak ha.. Hahaha!:)

3837. LIBRE LAUGH: :)
GF: Walanghiya ka, niloloko mo ako!
BF: Bakit, wala naman akong ginagawa ah!
GF: Anong wala? Nakita kita kanina, may kasama kang ibang babae, magkahawak pa kamay nyo! Niloloko mo ako!
BF: Makinig ka muna... hindi kita niloloko, maniwala ka... Yung kasama ko kanina ang niloloko ko! Astig!Hehehe.. =)

3838. May nagsabi sakin di ako magaling manamit at magbihis.. sumagot ako:'alam ko! pero magaling naman akong maghubad!!!hahaha Goodnight!

3839. When someone asks me about my relationship with my ex that didn't work out, I simply answer..."religion..."Hindi kasi siya marunong sumamba sa dyosa weh!:) Good Morning!!

3840. Aplikante nga bright: giunsa man nimo pag fill-up sa imong resume nganong nadawat man ka nga bogo man ka ako lagi bright man ko wala lagi ko nadawat?!
Aplikanteng bogo: simple lang, ako lang gibutangan og pangalan nako? address nako? Unsa sa SEX? Akong gibutangan og SURE WHY N0T?!?! Hehehe...


3816-3820,3832; Asha (0921955***9)
3821-3825; Donser (0909616***1)
3826-3830,3840; Jesse Knott (0907703***0)
3831; Ariel Sampaga (277001010***2)
3833-3835; Abet Basey (0917866***0)
3636-3839; Christine Redondo (0921369***9)


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