Dec 12, 2006

text messages 1351 - 1400

1351. Ask me to love another, I will. Ask me to shout louder, I will. Ask me to be low and alone, I will but ask me to let you go, I won't.

1352. Astronauts nightmare is to be trapped in space. A painter's nightmare is to ruin a masterpiece. My nightmare is to lose someone like you.

1353. They told me I'm crazy I dreamt the sun was radiating blue but the doctors cleared me it was just a case of too much missing you.

1354. You don't stop laughing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop laughing.

1355. When did we become friends? I can't really say, I know it grew a little every single day, it had a simple start but it grew to fill an empty space in my heart.

1356. The heart hides what you can't say but the eyes say what the heart tries to hide, it would hurt less to hear a sounding bye than hear a stay and see in the eyes that it's a lie.

1357. Love is never measured by the times he made you laugh but by the number of times he made you smile after you cry.

1358. When you feel restless waiting for that someone to pay attention or even notice you, look back, maybe there's someone patiently waiting feeling the same as you do.

1359. I never knew how it is to love until I found you. I never knew how much I loved you until I lost you.

1360. Being in love is like jumping off a building, in the beginning you don't care about anything and just enjoying the ride, it is the sudden stopping that hurts.

1361. A friend accepts you just as you are, who you are in your friend's eyes gives you a glimpse of who you are in God's eyes.

1362. My hands were made to touch you, my lips were made to kiss you, my eyes are crying for you coz I know that my heart was made to love you.

1363. The greatest challenge of being a friend is not listening when words are spoken but hearing and feeling even when there's nothing but silence.

1364. Love doesn't count on the laughter that you shared but the number of tears and pain that you try to get over with for the sake of holding on.

1365. I don't think I'm inlove with you. "Inlove" means the state of being, temporary fleeting. "Love" on the other hand is constant, never changing. So, I don't think I'm inlove with you, because I know I love you.

1366. You know what lonely means? It's when you go to bed at night without anyone to say "I love you." And when you wake up, you open your eyes and realize that nothing's changed... you are still alone.

1367. Goodbye has it's essence. Whether you believe it or not, it has its ways to touch your heart. Don't hate it, but instead, cherish it. Because goodbye reminds us that everything ends, everything fades. What is important is we learn to say goodbye to meet again, learned to let go to find again and learned to move on to love again.

1368. UN conducted a worldwide survey with this question: "Would you please give your honest opinion about shortage of food in the rest of the world?" Survey failed! Because in Africa, they didn't know what food is. In China, they didn't know what opinion is. In Europe, they didn't know what shortage is. Filipino leaders interviewed didn't know what honest mean. France didn't know what please is. And American leaders didn't know the rest of the world!

1369. It is better to devote more attention to a successful exit than a favorable entrance. What matters isn't being applauded when you arrive but being missed when you leave.

1370. I hope someday you would remember me as me who always smile even when my life is not that perfect and the one who would always try to brighten up your day even if I couldn't brighten up my own.

1371. The importance of something is seen when it's done. The worth of someone is realized when they're gone. For it will always be a mystery that we realize the essence when it's already a memory.

1372. Life is a series of pulls back and forth. You want to do a thing, but you are bound to do something else. Something hurts you yet you know it shouldn't. You take certain things for granted, even when you know you should never take things for granted. A tension of opposites, like a pull on a rubber band. And most of us live somewhere in the middle.

1373. Dear God, we ask for Your divine mercy and protection as super typhoon approaches our nation. Seal our homes with your most precious blood. Amen.

1374. What is love? Those who don't like it call it responsibility. Those who play with it call it a game. Those who don't have it call it a dream. And those who understand it call it life.

1375. Minsan, nag-aaral akong maggitara. Masakit sa kamay, mahirap pag-aralan. Dun ko lang naisip na ang gitara, parang love. Kailangan munang masaktan para may matutunan.

1376. Doing sex by profession: Doctors do it in order; DJs do it by request; Dentists do it orally; Medreps do it with samples; Nurses do it by rounds; Accountants do it without losing their balance; but call center agents are the best because they do it whenever you call.

1377. Two words that guy and girl don't want to hear and afraid of: for a girl, "It's over!" For a guy, "I'm delayed." Tama ba?

1378. Thought for the night: Never hold your farts in. They travel up your spine into your brain and that's where you get shitty ideas. Have a nice fart!

1379. If they say, "Good looks could kill," then, please, don't look at me! I don't wanna see you die!

1380. If you're alone, I'll be your shadow. If you want cry, I'll be your shoulder. If you want a hug, I'll be your pillow. If you need to be happy, I'll be your smile. If you need money, wait for your salary.

1381. If it weren't for that damned sun, I would have been the hottest thing ever created.

1382. Thought of the day: Why get married and make one miserable when you can stay single and make others miserable? =)

1383. Look at the world as a big fruit cake. It would not be complete without a few sweets and nuts. Sweets like me and nuts like you! Joke joke joke!

1384. I am not a super rich tropa, hindi mapera, walang car, pero ito ang tandaan mo, kahit wala akong yaman, friend mo pa rin ako kahit hampaslupang maganda lang ako! =)

1385. Sa likod ng mga ngiti, may mga luha. Sa likod ng mga biro, nagtatago ang problema. Hindi ka man laging tunay na masaya, tandaan mo, sa likod ng bawat tao, may pwet!

1386. Mahirap kapag walang nagmamahal, walang kadamay sa problema, madalas walang kausap, malamig ang pasko, damay pati valentines. Pero mas mahirap mag-isa sa seesaw! Hindi ba? Wawa :(

1387. Misis1: Suko na ako sa mister ko. Lagi na lang akong binubugbog bago niroromansa! Misis2: Mas grabe yung mister ko. Binubugbog ako tapos si Inday ang niroromansa!

1388. The most difficult, depressing question for a college student: "Anak, kumusta ang grades mo?" =)

1389. I am not a rich friend, walang gimik, walang luxurious car, walang mga condo, pero ito ang tandaan mo, kahit wala ako ng mga yan, friends pa rin tayo kahit alindog lang meron ako.

1390. Ang problema dumarating yan sa lahat ng tao, matatag man o mahina. Pero kapag hindi mo na kaya, andito lang ako. Jarannn!! Isa pang problema!

1391. Isang eroplano ang babagsak. Captain: Meidey! Meidey! Emergency landing, meidey! meidey! Biglang umextra ang isang ngongo. Ngongo: Meidey? Sinong may meidey? Hapi meidey! =)

1392. Aalis ka? Kung oo, huwag kang lilingon. Huwag mo akong titingnan, huwag mo akong pansinin. Basta lakad lang, dahil sa oras na gawin mo yun, papalibre ako!

1393. Sabi nila, kapag nadapa ka, bumangon ka! Sabi ko naman, paano kung madapa ako sa ibabaw ng hubad na katawan ng lalaking kinababaliwan ko? Sige nga, babangon pa ba ako? =)

1394. Sa lahat ng numero, 7 ang pinaka-ayoko!!! - ABS-CBN.

1395. Lagi mong tatandaan na kahit ano man ang mangyari, nasa likuran mo lang ako parati. - puwet.

1396. Girl1: Idedemanda ko ang boss ko ng sexual harassment! Biruin mo, inamoy nya ang buhok ko! Girl2: Grabe ka naman, para yun lang eh! Crush ka nun, anong masama dun? Girl1: Unano yung boss ko!

1397. Ano ang theme song ng magboyfriend na bulag? Love is blind. Mag-asawang bulag? Perfect combination. Ang nagsesex na bulag? Dito ba? Dito ba? Dito ba?

1398. Masaya ang love, lalo na kung love nyo ang isa't isa. Ang mahirap lang, kapag may karibal ka. Pero kung sa tingin mo, mas lamang ka talaga, isigaw mo lang: "Atras sya, abante ako!" Hehehe.

1399. Tama ka nga, sexy ako. Pero naaalala mo lang naman ako kapag nag-iinit yang katawan mo! Alam mo bang nanliliit ako sa tuwing ako'y ginagamit mo? - Safeguard.

1400. Text na text ka na ba sa idol mo? Just text "KUKOTE" (space) Message and send to 09195947635. Ex: KUKOTE Ang gwapo mo talaga! Text na! at si Kukote mismo ang magrereply sa iyo!!! =)

1351-1365, 1379-1382, 1386-1396: Asha (+63917898***7)
1366-1368, 1376-1378: Eroica
1369-1371: Joy (+63910727***1)
1372: Arnel
1373: Madame J (+63928625***8)
1374-1375, 1400: Anonymous (+63920240***0)
1383-1385: Tekla
1397: Precious (+88691023***4)
1398-1399: Deejayz

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