Jan 20, 2010

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February is coming so here are some Valentine's Day Greetings and Valentine's Day Text Messages that you can send to your love ones and friends. Enjoy!!!

Valentine's Day Greetings

4041. You make my world a beautiful place to live in, and I want to thank you for coming into my life... For you are the most precious gift that God has given me... And I will love you for now and forever. Happy Valentine's Day Sweetheart!

4042. Hearts that care remember..and this day seems set apart... To remind YOU that you're close in thought and always in my heart. Happy Valentine's Day!

4043. Anyone can catch one's eye... but it takes a special someone, to capture your heart and soul and for me that special someone is YOU. Happy Valentines Day!!

4044. I don't have all the right words... I only have three... I Love You! Happy Valentine's Day Honey!

4045. A heart as big as all outdoors, a spirit that's so free it soars... A love that sparkles and delights, and warmth that welcomes and invites... That's you! Wishing you the special Valentine's day you deserve.

4046. I am here with lots of hugs and sweet kisses! Happy Valentine's Day!!

4047. Wishing you all the beauty of love this Valentine's Day and always.

4048. There is no better way than a rose to say... you are just as beautiful and special! Wish I was there with you now to tell you so...Happy Valentine's day!!!

4049. A special wish with you in mind... Just has to be the love-filled kind. Happy Valentine's!

4050. Have I told you recently that I Love You? Well, just in case I didn't... today I want to say it... over and over again! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! Happy Valentine's Day to you!.

4051. It's official. There's nobody in the world quite like you. Happy Valentine's Day!!!

4052. Friend... I hope you have a very excellent, very special, very amazing Valentine's day today... for no other reason than the obvious... you are a very excellent, very special, very amazing person... and you deserve that. Happy Valentine's day!!!

4053. I scoffed at true love, I laughed at Valentine's Day... then I met you. You made me a Believer! And I would like to say from the heart... " I love you, Sweetheart!" Happy Valentine's Day!!

4054. Hope you have a special valentine's day... filled with love, laughter, beauty and magic. Happy Valentine's Day! Have a great Valentine's day.

4055. Happy Valentine's Day to someone who's as beautiful on the inside... as she is on the outside.

4056. It isn't golden sands or waves kissing the shore that's romantic... It's having you in my life. Happy Valentine's Day Sweetheart!

4057. Wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day because you are very special to me.

4058. My whole world is a nicer place because you're in it. Happy Valentine's Day!!!

4059. Valentine's day isn't just about romance... it's about... the love you've shared, the smiles you've inspired, the times you've let your heart lead the way, the many days you've made more special, just by being the wonderful person you are. Happy Valentine's!!

4060. Thinking of the things that make this day so special definitely means thinking of you. Happy Valentine's Day!!

4061. You have a way of spreading love wherever you go. Happy Valentine's Day!!!

4062. Just to let you know I care and I'm thinking of you on this special day. Happy Valentine's day!!!

4063. If you were a piece of Valentine candy, you'd definitely be the sweetest! Or is it the nuttiest? Doesn't matter. I just glad we're friends. Happy Valentine's Day!!!

4064. Have a happy Valentine's Day and a million happy tomorrows!

4065. You came into my life... and changed it forever. For you showed me the meaning... of truly loving and caring for someone... You make me feel special in all that you do... and all that you say. I will always love you... Happy Valentine's Day!

4066. Love always comes along when you least expect it. Happy Valentine's Day!!!

4067. Did you hear that? My heart just said..."I Love You"! Happy Valentine's Day!

4068. I miss you wherever you go and whatever you do, you're always in my heart. Happy Valentine's day!!!

4069. Having a friend like you does my heart good! Happy Valentine's Day!!!

4070. If more friends were like you, there would be more smiles, more adventures, and more love in the world. There would be more dreams flying free, more hearts that left understood, and more warm, cozy words to wrap up in... there would be more laughing, more sharing and more people who knew that a true and beautiful down to earth friend is one of life's greatest gifts. Happy Valentine's Day to you my wonderful friend.

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