Oct 22, 2008

text messages 3561-3595

3561. Sometimes flowers grow best under the sun. Others do well in shade. God always put us where we grow best and gives us gives us good people to grow with! Good Morning!!

3562. Being a quitter doesn’t mean you are a loser. Every time you quit doesn’t mean you are giving up. It only means that you have to let go of what you think is UNFAIR.

3563. Love just one person and just taste the rest… hehehe. Good Morning!!

3564. One of the simplest ways to stay happy… “Just let go of the things that makes you sad.” God Bless! =) Good night!

3565. Things in life move with twists and turns and they happen with valid reasons. So if you doubt why something happens to you, stick to this: “We can never learn to be brave and strong if the only thing in this world is happiness.” Goodnight!

3566. It really hurts t0 accept the truth..especially..when that truth is n0t
what y0u have expected and wished f0r..but when y0u realize that that
truth can be change..y0u will d0 anything just t0 change it..kahit pa
madapa ka pa ulit..

3567. Carry yourself in such a way that when people are sitting...You would be standing and when they are standing, you would stand out. And when they stand out, you will be outstanding. And when they dare to be outstanding, you will be there standard..

3568. Words of Wisdom: “when choosing between two evils, always try the one you’ve never tried before!

3569. I have a poem but it could not be spoken. Only you will know the words I have written. But a curse his been cast on the words I have used. That whoever read this is the one I cannot afford to lose...

3570. If your friend is too frank that what he/she says hurts you, don't get mad. ‘Coz Donkey once told Shrek: "only true friends can be cruelly honest!" Good morning!

3571. Sometimes I wish to renew myself coz I think I’m too bad, like a freak I always do stupid things, don’t know why I’m like this? Pssst! can I ask you? Are you happy when you knew me?

3572. Can't find the right word for a certain situation? Just give that person a hug...Words have the potential to confuse but hugs never lie.

3573. A true friend is like blood, it sustains life yet it is not always visible...but it comes out everytime you are wounded!

3574. Reality check: Ever wondered why most of the beautiful girls nowadays have an UGLY BF instead of a good looking one? It’s because most of the handsome, attractive MEN have BOYFRIENDS too!

3575. There are only few people in this world who were born to love seriously. And you are lucky if one of those few...is in love with you!...swerte ka!

3576. Life doesn't get easier with age. It only gets challenging. Don’t be
afraid. Pursue your passion. Live your dreams. Love if you’re in love. Cry if you’re hurt. Just don’t grow Old, but rather grow up...good morning!

3577. I may be sleeping all alone every single night...But I believe in the magic , that someone yummy is meant to sleep beside me someday...

3578. Two of the hardest test in life is the patience to wait for the one you love and the courage to accept that you've waited for nothing.

3579. How hard is it to love someone who doesn't even care? It’s like your hugging a cactus...you know it’s there always but it wouldn't give you any reaction nor reply and the tighter you hug it, the greater the pain that u feel.

3580. Cupid: Let your love be stronger than your hate & anger. Learn the wisdom of compromise for it is better to bend a little than to break.

3581. Toto: Pangarap ko kumita ng P250, 000 monthly gaya ni daddy! Jovy:Wow! Ganyan kalaki ang kinikita ng daddy mo? Toto: Hindi! Yan din ang pangarap niya! Hahahaha!!!

3582. Jose: Kumusta ang assignment? Rick: Masama. Wala akong nasagutan. Blank paper ang ipinasa ko. JOSE: Naku, ako rin! Paano iyan? Baka isipin nila nagkopyahan tayo! Hahahaha!!!

3583. A teacher asked her class for sentences using the word “beans”… “My father grows beans”, said one student. “My father cook beans,” said another. Then the little Johnny spoke up: “We are all human beans.”!! Hahaha!

3584. “Di baling makita ang legs, huwag lang ang eggs.” – Baklang nakaminiskirt- hahaha!

3585. Boy: don’t be shy, you can ask me out.. =) Girl: ok! Go out. Wahahaha… =)

3586. Kung tinanong ka ng crush mong: “Uy! Musta?” ang pinakamagandang sagot diyan , “eto, mahal ka na.” – Iyan ang banat. =)

3587. BF: babes, hindi ka ba nalulungkot? GF: ha? Hindi, bakit naman ako malulungkot? BF: eh kasi, mag-isa ka lang sa puso…gusto mo ng kasama? – Banat ng mga taksil.

3588. Amo: Inday, naalis mo na ba iyong mantsa sa baron ko? Inday: Yes sir! Amo: Good!!Anong pinang alis mo? Inday: Gunting po sir! =D

3589. When he got home, a husband, he embraced his wife and lifted her. Surprised, she asked why? He said; “the priest told us at Mass to embrace and lift up our cross.” The next day, it was wife’s turn to surprise him… “Honey, you are going to our church with me today.” When asked why?! She said “the priest told us to bring any useless thing in the house for donation to the typhoon victims…and I think about you.” =)

3590. All books in this world – The Bible, The Koran, The Guru Granth, The Gita, teach us to love each other! But only the Kamatsutra explains how! Hehehe

3591. PULUBI: Palimos po Sir! SIR: Alam mo ba na illegal ang mamalimos? PULUBI: Hobby ko lang ito Sir! SIR: Anong hobby? PULUBI: Collecting coins! =D

3592. Hear with your heart. See with your soul. Be guided by a hand that you cannot hold. Trust in a way that you cannot see. That’s faith. God bless you! Good morning!!

3593. GF: Hatid mo ako. BF: Wala ako pera, naoperahan si lola. Wala pa padala si mommy. GF: Ayaw mo? Walang tao sa bahay. BF: Aba’y tingnan mo nga naman, may naipit palang P500 sa wallet ko. Tara na! Hahaha =)

3594. Bago ka matulog pansinin mo naman ang matandang nakaitim sa pintuan ng kwarto mo. Ingat sa pagkilos baka madaganan mo ang batang nasa ilalim ng kumot mo. Kumusta naman ang babaeng nasa loob ng cabinet mo duguan pa rin ba? Ang lalaking nakabarong sa unan mo natagpuan nab a ang ulo nya? Napapansin mo bang sobrang tahimik ng kapaligiran wala kang maririnig kundi ungol ng mga di matahimik na kaluluwa? Sige tulog ka na… good evening!

3595. Kunwari ang pangalan mo ay “ikaw”. Tapos ang pangalan ko ay “ako” ang tanong sino ang panget? Sige pag-isipan mong mabuti. Hehehe Good Evening!

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3561-3563:Anonymous (0910286***6
3564:Anonymous (0920725***0)
3565-3584-3591: Asha(0921955***9
3566:Stephany D(stephany_*******@yahoo.com)
3567-3580:Grace Manubag(shark_******@yahoo.com)
3581-3583:Ariel Sampaga(0277001010***2)


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